Another Reason We Need Sen. Raphael Warnock

And I’ll add a #4 to this list: When Team Coup dissolves the Jan 6 Committee in the House to hold All Hunter Biden Laptop All The Time hearings, with 51-49, the Senate can pick up the investigation where the Jan 6 Committee left off. If Team Coup gets Walker in the Senate, there will be no investigation (just like now with the current composition of the Senate).

Yesterday I made a generous donation to the Warnock campaign. We gotta get him over the finish line.

UPDATE 1: Scissorhead Purplehead forwards us an email from Al Franken –

Dear Person Who Still Opens My Emails,

So, who woulda thunk that, except for FDR in 1934, and George W. Bush (after 9/11 and going to war on false pretenses), that Joe Biden would have the best midterm election of any sitting President in memory. (As if any of you can remember 1934.)

But there’s still stuff up in the air. Though not absolutely certain, it looks like the Republicans will take control of the House.

Secondly, the Senate is still in play. As I write this, we don’t know the final results in Arizona and Nevada. But if we hold onto only one of them, the Georgia runoff will decide who controls the Senate. That’s why I’m writing you.

You may remember that a while back, I asked you to give to UNITE HERE’s ground game operations in Nevada, Arizona, and Pennsylvania. (UNITE HERE is the union that represents hospitality workers).

Now, UNITE HERE is headed to Georgia. Last cycle, they knocked on over a million doors between the general election and the runoffs. This year, the Georgia legislature moved up the runoffs. That’s why we so urgently need to get them the resources they need to put boots on the ground.


Thanks for your attention. Let’s win this for Senator Warnock and for our democracy!

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  1. roket says:

    GA should double check their Christian status if a pastor and a whoremonger are running neck and neck in any election.

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