BREAKING: Well, Twitter

The Twitter Fail Whale

This tweet is nothing but bad news (if true):

More from AP here.

Public Notice has an essay up, entitled Is Elon Musk evil or simply a fool?. The subhead gives it all away: Both. The answer is both.

The first part of the article sets up the purchase and all the frantic firings and weird attempts to monetize it. The middle section sets out to define Musk himself, and this is where the thesis of the essay really comes into being:

Musk purchased Twitter in large part because he wanted to be in a position to harm many of its core users — journalists, liberals, Democrats, trans people, and other marginalized communities. Twitter is a flawed but nonetheless invaluable place where these groups have come together to talk, to strategize, to fundraise, to organize, and to hold the powerful accountable.

Musk is a billionaire transphobe who’s been convicted of union-busting and has been sued for racially segregating his factory floor. He’s also pathologically online. (He met his ex-partner, the musician Grimes, on Twitter.) Now that he owns Twitter, it’s also his chance to own the libs who have criticized and dared to mock him. He’s in a position to break their communities and drive them from online spaces where they’ve built networks and formed friendships.

Musk doesn’t want to destroy Twitter in the sense of rendering it a smoking ruin with a URL that leads to the abyss. But he does want to destroy Twitter to spite his enemies. Loosely defined, that means he wants to destroy it for everyone who questions the righteousness of a world ruled by white male billionaire tech bros.

Where have we seen toxic white male billionaire grievance run amok before? Oh, yeah.

Anyway, it’s a great essay and as always, if you have the ability Public Notice is a great substance that publishes 3X weekly, and is worth supporting. You can always click the “let me read it first” link.

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  1. w3ski4me says:

    “Poor” guy Elon. He made some money and thought it made him something. Poor Fool more like. So he will likely take Twitter down with his ego and failing finances. Oh well. I never used it, but I do admit to following stories with tweets inserted. Sad that all his money couldn’t make him a real person, but maybe it was what made him the loss he is. The struggles of rich people tend to crack me up.

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  2. MDavis says:

    This tweet is nothing but bad news (if true):

    Who can say, really? Is that really Casey Newton, even?

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