The Quotable Mooselini (Word Salad, Tossed Fresh Daily)

The Stupidularity, Otherwise known as the “Scheisskopf Radius” Has Occured

For Mooselini, Alaska’s former part-time governor and full-time grifter, everything is always someone else’s fault. Always.

Sarah Palin has gone nuclear on the Republican Party, claiming the GOP sabotaged her Alaska House race and that they deserved their drubbing in the midterms.

“In a conspiracy-laden Instagram post, Ms Palin blamed the ‘cockamamie’ ranked choice voting system, Senator Lisa Murkowski and the ‘dark, dysfunctional GOP machine’ after she was seemingly trounced by Democrat Mary Peltola for a second time in three months.”

“The GOP establishment deserves losses until it’s willing to fight for what is right. They opposed me every step of the way in my Congressional bid, which is par for the course.”

The Independent

Gotta love that party of personal responsibility. They won’t even take responsibility for being unelectable.

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7 Responses to The Quotable Mooselini (Word Salad, Tossed Fresh Daily)

  1. Jimmy T says:

    And the winner was Mary Peltola, the first native Alaskan ever elected to federal office. I’m not sure Moosesilini would have called and offered her congratulations…

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  2. roket says:

    I would recommend an autopsy but they’d just ignore the results.

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  3. Kiwiwriter says:

    We’ll never be rid of her, but the real question…why is she famous any more?

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  4. w3ski4me says:

    Her “15 minutes of fame” is so over. She is way past her sell-by date and has gone rancid. Of course, she tried to pull a trump. “It’s mine, it was stolen, I was robbed, bitches.” Typical Rethug slime fest, but she can’t even really be bothered to fling it effectively. She needs to go away, it’s too late for her to retire gracefully but I’ll settle for just plain gone. Maybe that Turkey farm she made that video at will hire her for cleanup? Or maybe they will just add her to their flock. I heard Turkeys aren’t that plentiful this year another will help the supply.


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