The Rat Was Well and Truly Eff’ed

Only the Shadow knows!

Hey guys, remember that time that institutional Democrats were upset that the DNC was producing those generic ads about Republican election-deniers being too extreme for their states?

The idea was that if you told Republican primary voters during the primary that one candidate was totally a racist bag of merde, that the hardcore GOP New Confederacy voters would say, “Yup, that klansman is my guy!” and then the Dems would win because really, who in the suburbs wants to be represented by a goose-stepping, third reich cosplayer promoting The Final Solution?

Anyway, weak-knee’ed centrists and beltway pundits thought this was risky rat-eff’ing  and Dems shouldn’t “promote” Republicans, when they go low/We go high, blah-blah-blah, and predicted doom Doom DOOM!!1!

Every one of those “promoted” Republicans lost:

In multiple races—Hillary Scholten’s for a House seat in Michigan, Wes Moore’s for governor in Maryland, JB Pritzker’s for governor in Illinois, and Josh Shapiro’s for governor in Pennsylvania, to name a few—Democrats placed a risky bet by funding extremist candidates in Republican primaries, the theory being that they would be easier to beat in a general election. Every single one paid off. Drawing stark distinctions was crucial, as California Democratic strategist Sean Clegg told me it would way back in July. “This isn’t the Democratic Party against the Republican Party. It’s the Democratic Party against the antidemocratic party,” Clegg said. “These candidates are the brownshirts of the Trump movement. We are confronting a choice as a country, and we may as well make that stark choice up front.”

Our pals at Electoral-Vote concur and have other sources:

During the primaries, Democrats spent close to $20 million promoting 16 different far-right candidates who went on to claim the Republican nomination in their respective primaries. That list includes, most notably, Darren Bailey, Dan Cox, John Gibbs, Don Bolduc, Bob Burns, and Doug Mastriano. And how did that work out for the blue team?Very well, indeed. In those 16 races, some of them quite high profile (like, say, the Pennsylvania governor’s race), the Democrats went… 16 and 0. The blue team would have won some of those races without getting involved, of course, but it’s highly unlikely they would have won all 16.

Now, we’re not saying that the ol’ rat should light a cigarette and order a pizza, but we are saying that this worked and potentially could work again.

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11 Responses to The Rat Was Well and Truly Eff’ed

  1. Stony Pillow says:

    we are saying that this worked and potentially could work again.

    Until it doesn’t.

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  2. lofgren says:

    I’m so torn on this strategy.

    On the one hand, hiding behind “respectable” Republicans is exactly what people like McConnel want. Showing voters the candidates who are least able hide their true agenda is a good way of reminding people what’s at stake here.

    On the other hand, I just can’t shake the feeling that any time you are amplifying a fascist, even if it helps you achieve your goals, there was probably a better way of achieving the same goals that didn’t involve helping fascists.

    I’m not saying don’t do it ever. But it should probably be a last resort.

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    • MDavis says:

      So how are the SOS races going?
      Why are they relatively low profile when several have run on the idea that they will ignore the voters (if they become SOS) and just assign electoral votes to the person of their personal choice?
      Seems like those race should be a bigger deal than they are being treated as.
      And I am deliberately posting this in reply to your comment. If those anti-democratic SOS candidates win, we are at a last resort.


      • lofgren says:

        Just to be clear, you’re proposing that if election denialists win secretary of state offices, the solution is for Democrats to buy ads for radical Republicans, but you’re still not fussed enough about it to look up the results?


      • MDavis says:

        Just to be clear, I am suggesting that if more election denialist win (especially SOS) we’ll be even worse off than in 2020, when there were enough of them with access to power to put a plan to rig the election into play under cover of J6.
        Also, I didn’t mean to single You out, but your comment points out how much attention this stuff attracts. Isn’t that what ratfing is, to throw bombs *over there while you pull off some chicanery somewhere else that no one notices?


      • At least in AZ the nutjobs are losing. Races are too close to be comfortable in some instances but I feel confident we’ve kicked Mark Finchem to the curb in the SoS race. whew!

        Also it looks like Kathy Hoffmann is now edging out Tom Horne for Superintendent of Education, which is a good thing, since Horne is a stone racist white supremacist whose campaign was all “Ban CRT/Don’t say Gay/Can’t make the White kids Parents uncomfortable by teaching actual history!!!”

        (he was a leader in the movement to ban Mexican-American studies in AZ schools ,a very successful program, btw, on the basis that it was ‘racist’ because it blamed whites for their treatment of hispancic kids)

        We may just end up with an (almost) all-Democratic state leadership for the first time in decades! [fingers and toes all crossed]

        There are like a half million votes left to be counted (out of 2 million already counted), but the majority are in Maricopa and Pima counties, both of which are pretty comfortably blue.

        Some sources have called the Senate race for Mark Kelley


      • MDavis says:

        Our guv race was called last night, our town crier ran around informing everyone. They were so happy the nutjob won.
        I hate this timeline.


    • Edging real close to Murc’s Law here.

      It was the Republican voters who chose the nutjobs and the Dem-run ads didn’t say anything the candidates themselves weren’t saying, loudly, openly and to any one listening. (the AZ Republican primary Governors Debate was an absolute out-of-control clownshit show of crazy delusional bullshit)

      I think far, FAR too much has been made of the Dem ad-buys here, because the reflexive defensive crouch of the professional Dem operatives complaining about this have made it sound like this was the only reason the nutjobs won their primaries.

      I’m with TG on this, the only reason to go high is to gain an effective sniper’s vantage. Otherwise we’re still bringing Nerf balls to a gunfight. The Republicans have ZERO compunctions about ‘fighting dirty’ because they know it’s a fight.

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  3. Jimmy T says:

    well here in the Great State of Oregon we have the governors race that has been hotly contested, but the Democrat edged out the Looney Tunes Republican which we were all sweating. So far the Republican hasn’t conceded. Seems consistent with TFG’s approach…


  4. H-Bob says:

    DNC ads where Biden is praising a “moderate” Republican for “reaching across the aisle” might be considered rat-effing. Requesting Republicans not to vote for fascistic assholes seems above-board.


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