Our Failed Political Press ™ Had A David Brooks-Level Failure On Tuesday

Republicans weren’t the only ones caught off guard by the lack of a Red Tsunami—the media narrative this election cycle. Our Failed Political Press ™ —with very few exceptions— have moved on from their complete and utter failure to see the story right in front of them.

A sample of the headlines pre-Tuesday:

  • The bottom is dropping out of the 2022 election for Democrats
  • Democrats, on Defense in Blue States, Brace for a Red Wave in the House
  • Red tsunami watch
  • The Republican wave is building fast
  • Democrats fear midterm drubbing as party leaders rush to defend blue seats
  • Why the midterms are going to be great for Donald Trump
  • Breaking down the GOP’s midterm momentum
  • Democrats confront their nightmare scenario on election eve as economic concerns overshadow abortion and democracy worries

Fox News was more flummoxed than most:

“There’s just not the hatred for Joe Biden that there is for Barack Obama and for the Clintons. There’s not a hate-Biden vote that’s out there – when you go and Trump’s on the ballot, there’s that hate-Trump Democrat vote,” he said. “People just don’t feel the same passion against the guy.”

Jesse Watters explains how they got it so wrong.

As you can see, the Pundits were talking to each other inside the beltway (and complementing each other for agreeing with each other’s brilliance) and not talking to us, the stinky peoples.

If you wonder how they could get it so wrong, well, here’s a clue:

We’ve long said that one of our media reforms really ought to be some diversity in the newsrooms. If our elite press looked more like America today (and less like ‘50s television shows), some of the built-in biases might be shaken out. But as long as pundits look like David Brooks, we will continue to have David Brooks-level failures.

“You had one job…” joke format comes to mind.

If you or I had failed as miserably at our jobs, we would be given the ol’ cheese sandwich and a roadmap, but our pundits are going to be just fine, as they are in the Club and we are not.

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13 Responses to Our Failed Political Press ™ Had A David Brooks-Level Failure On Tuesday

  1. The Trumpublicans came through for us, and once again demonstrated how huffing each other’s farts is NO way to gather the news.

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  2. w3ski4me says:

    You have to see that the “poor” pundits were so blinded by their “Joe Biden is a failure” schtick that they couldn’t see that their red wave was all smoke and mirrors. Despite the continuing bad press, President Biden is a good president and is doing the job. He was elected by a majority, and so far we are still behind him. As for the pollsters, they need to find an honest job.

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  3. I especially liked the Zodiac Killer being confused that people LIKE it when politicians do good things for them. HOW CAN THAT BE???!?! Is that even LEGAL? Why do people not vote for politicians who want to kill them?

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  4. roket says:

    Oopsie. Looks like their polling methods are in a tight spot.

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  5. Judd Legum has a cogent analysis at his invaluable ‘Popular Information’ blog: https://popular.info/p/political-media-is-broken?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email

    Worth some quatloos to support him.

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  6. lisahgolden says:

    I guess there aren’t enough Fuck Joe Biden flags flying where Jesse Waters is because (looks around) the hate for him is pretty thick out here.

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    • Two of ’em in my neighborhood. in houses right next to each other.

      But in good news D’s won our State Senate seat, and are winning in my State House district, which had been specifically gerrymandered (as much as possible with our ‘independent’ redistricting commission) to help one GOP incumbent…who lost in the primary to a MAGA loon, who proceeded to lose.

      Katie Hobbes is hanging on to a slim lead over Crazy Lake, Kris Mayes has an even narrower one over her MAGAT opponent, and Adrian Fontes is comfortably stomping Mark ‘Yosemite Sam’ Finchem into the dirt.

      Alas we lost School superintendent race to a flat-out white supremacist 😦


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  7. And just in time, we get this garbage from the Wapo, busily strangling Democracy in the Dark https://wapo.st/3ElZpTL

    He is being roasted in the comments though.


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