The Blue Check

Check the user name carefully, it took me a moment.

As you might know, Melon Husk has been kicking people off of Twitter for impersonating him, which is totally in-line with his free speech absolutism.

I’m told that after debuting his anyone can but a checkmark for $8 Ameros (and switching validated users to gray?) that the scheme imploded and he’s back to square one to figure out how to make a buck.

Meanwhile, Mastodon is up exponentially in the number of new users, pretty much daily since Melon took over.

PS – Still with tech difficulties. I’m just putting stuff in the queue and when Comcast flickers on and off, something is going to make it onto the top. We’re really sorry for the weirdo day.

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  1. Melon Husk is getting a good lesson in what FREEZPEACH means..and by getting a ‘good lesson’ I mean getting it good and hard upside the head.

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