Policies Matter, Too

Senator Batboy

The National Review (and no links for obvious reasons) sums up last night:

“And the nation, deeply dissatisfied with the way the Democrats were running things, looked at what the GOP offered as the alternative and concluded, ‘Nope, I’ll stick with what the Democrats are giving me’ in a lot of key places.”

Running on a platform of taking away stuff (Medicare, Social Security, democracy) is a loser. Rick Scott is a loser.

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3 Responses to Policies Matter, Too

  1. Well guys at the “Notional Review” that pretty much means the nation is NOT “deeply dissatisfied with the way the Democrats were running things”.

    You’re just baffled that the oncoming Red Wedding Wave you had built up in your head didn’t actually comport with reality.

    But you know that, don’t you…this is why you work so hard to render the silly voters meaningless with gerrymandering, voter supression and outright lies.

    You know that no one really likes your shit.

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  2. Jimmy T says:

    If a guy looking like Batboy showed up to my house on Halloween, I think I would be justified in clobbering him with a piece of firewood…

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