Takes One To Know One

Takes one to know one:

Trump ‘Apologizes’ to Matt Gaetz on Behalf of America. America Rolls Its Eyes

At a Florida rally, the former president said the congressman deserved an apology for being under investigation for sex trafficking a minor

We note that amongst his many, many (ALLEGED) sex crimes, the skeevie Count of Mostly Crisco when the owner of the Miss Teen USA beauty pageants allegedly oogled/fondled the merchandise as he walked —unannounced— through the dressing rooms of the contestants.

“The word we can’t say, I am not going to say, but he went through things having to do with that and it was terrible how he got treated. He is so tough, so strong, and everybody says he is smart and he loves this state and this country. Matt Gaetz. Great man, great man. Really great, thank you. We apologize to you on behalf of the country, all of us do, because what you went through is just terrible and so unnecessary.”

Should anyone want to actually hear the mango-hued shitgibbon bray out this nonsense:

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2 Responses to Takes One To Know One

  1. w3ski4me says:

    And this disgusting piece of shit is all of 2 years away from being President, again??? I’m sure he loves him some Gaetz because those kinds of “people” (scum) stick together. Totally disgusting.

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  2. Fuck you Gaetz, you kiddy-diddlin’ Republican liar. You get no apology from me. get a little closer, and I’ll bring a clue-by-four into play.

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