Breathe. Exhale. Repeat.

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I swear, every election season, the day before the big vote, Traitor Joe’s Third Way thingie tries to discourage the Left (Why, yes, this is from Axios, how could you tell?):

Third Way — a center-left think tank backed by some of the biggest names in Democratic politics — is sounding the alarm about deep-seated party flaws, based on its own new pollingfrom Senate battlegrounds.

  • “If Democrats manage to hold on to the House and Senate, it will be in spite of the party brand, not because of it,” Third Way writes in a memo synthesizing its conclusions, shared first with Axios.
  • “Despite a roster of GOP candidates who are extreme by any standard, voters see Democrats as just as extreme, as well as far less concerned about the issues that most worry them.”

Why it matters: Lifelong, respected Democrats are saying the quiet part out loud — that if Republicans have a huge night tomorrow, as polls are blaring, Democrats must blame “much deeper” problems than simply the “historical trends” that beset the party in power.

And then after a lot of words to set your hair on fire and blood pressure into the stratosphere, Axios/Third Way concludes:

The bottom line: Democrats need to make major changes to the party brand to avoid another potential wipeout in 2024.

“To Prevent Another Potential Wipeout in 2024” and that’s our clue that this is all performative, narrative, BS

Anyone who tells you how the 2022 Pie Fight will turn out is lying to you.

We won’t know until the votes are counted —and because of the HUGE early voting numbers (Yay Team Democracy!), that could take days, and there might be a Red Mirage. So take some time away from The Socials and certainly take time away from your Facebook Rage Uncle for a few days.

There really is nothing to be gained today by obsessively watching the polls or the news. And unless you are phone-banking or door-knocking, take the day off from politics. Put on some music, dance if you got the sweet moves (and we all know that Scissorheads are nothing if not sexxxxy). Walk in the rain (if you have it, and boy-howdy do we here in the upper-left corner; never hear laughter in the rain here, so Neil Sedaka can suck it, btw), sip your coffee, contemplate life.

Breathe. Exhale. Breathe.

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12 Responses to Breathe. Exhale. Repeat.

  1. Despite a roster of GOP candidates who are extreme by any standard, voters see Democrats as just as extreme

    Because the voters are hearing the both sides garbage from the media and people like the fucking Third Place Way folks about how radical and extremely leftist popular policies like “Abortion should remain legal” and “Lets not blow up the economy again so quickly, shall we?” and “Hey isn’t it nice that the bottom 99% are getting a bigger piece of the pie?” are.

    Or they’re listening to Fascist Fox News and are terrified of the boogiemen a-coming for them.

    (my local Nextdoor feed is full of neighborhood karens freaking out about how people are coming up to their doors and asking if they’ve voted! AIEE probably just illegal alien tweakers looking to rob and murder them!!! )

    The Third Place Way folks would much prefer to run their usual “Lets all just be ‘Republican Lite’ and ignore the stinky pipples and dirty fucking hippies It worked for Bill so it’ll ALWAYS be the winning strategery!”* bullshit that destroyed us in 2000, 2010 and 2014.

    I’ll always be with Paul Wellstone: a proud member of the Democratic wing of the Democratic party.

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  2. Jimmy T says:

    I just can’t be overly concerned at this point. Yeah, I realize that the GQP has now become an authoritarian movement and will snatch our freedoms away given the chance, but I believe the majority of Americans now know this (or at least I hope they do) and will vote for sanity, stability, and democracy…

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  3. roket says:

    Third Way — a center-left think tank…


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  4. Just as a ferexample: Glenn Kessler just awarded Biden with a ‘Bottomless Pinnoccio’ (and this is not a Pinnochio sans pants)

    This is the same “fact checker” that wouldn’t call lies by The Count of Mostly Crisco “lies” because he couldn’t tell if Mango Mussolini believed what he was saying or was , you know, lying.

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  5. MDavis says:

    I just got Britbox, so I’ll be watching British murder mysteries, AKA shows where the bad guy always gets caught even though the murder victim usually deserved it to one degree or another.


  6. pagan in repose says:

    A little background noise in the form of how I read the past:

    Around 1985-86 Reagan administration kills the “Fairness Doctrine”

    2004-05 Bush administration privatizes NPR (National Public Radio).
    NPR before being privatizationed was the best unfiltered news and information on TV.

    And thus today, it is like looking for a needle in the Universe trying to find news that isn’t tainted with Corporate money and direct input.

    So way back and further the “rat fornicating” was in full swing.
    And so looking for anything remotely truthful in any polling being
    done is futile. I stopped listening or reading that crap a few years ago.

    It is infuriating that it is so hard to find even some basic truthful information these days. Sort of like, dare I say it, George Orwells 1984, almost every day nowadays.


    • MDavis says:

      Sad note – Jon Stewart was putting out some of the better reporting between jokes and interview guests.
      Comedy and talk shows are still one of the go-to sources for relatively unbiased news.

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