Bad Signs, Cont.

H/T @NamelessCynic

I know plenty of adults I would not trust with eggs on Halloween. Present company excepted, of course.


[Side Note: I’ve been setting up my Mastodon “presence” today – if you are there, you can find me at Twitter looks like it is imploding.]

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  1. Jimmy T says:

    You know for a smart guy like Elon Musk to buy twitter he is a complete idiot in running (ruining) it, and ruin it he will. I’ll be looking into Mastodon soon. Thanks for the tip Ten Grain…

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  2. I can’t find a server on mastodon.

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  3. OK. error between keyboard and chair. my addy:

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  4. Redhand says:

    I have always hated Twitter, which is very user-unfriendly, IMO, and will check out Mastadon.

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  5. Stony Pillow says:

    I’ve never had an egg handy when walking past a Tesla. They’re not the type of thing you can easily carry around with you.


  6. It is an ironclad rule of the internet (even moreso than Rule 34)


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    • Jim is a SRE (Site reliabilty engineer ..the folks who keep twitter running. ie: when was the last time you saw the Fail Whale??? )

      Gee, it’s as if ranking developers by ‘lines of code you wrote in the last month’ and whacking the bottom 50% is a poor metric for developer productivity.


  7. My worry about all the migration to alternate platforms (like mastodon) is that this will simply drag the problems of twitter along to the new platform.

    Twitter didn’t start as a hive of scum and villany, it grew into that as the scum and villains saw it’s increasing popularity and flocked to it, forcing Twitter to adopt ad-hoc firewalls and countermeasures and build entire mechanisms into the code base to enable better control of content and manage misinformation, scams, and criminal activity, all the while trying to figure out how to make money doing all this, because the only way to finance this was to monetize the eyeballs somehow.

    Faceberg started as a hive of scum and villany (rating hot chicks at Harvard) managed to move to a relatively decent place, then promptly turned evil as the scum and villains figured out how to exploit it.

    The Faceberg Radicalization Pipeline has already facilitated multiple genocides; and now that they’ve beta-tested it elsewhere, they can apply it to their main markets, like the US.

    Mastodon is a cool thing: decentralized, but federated so it can appear as one network , much like the internet .

    But then, look how that started (I was on usenet before the Make Money Fast/Green Card Lawyers/ Argar Serdic days. Even got a personal reply by Kibo that one time ), and how it turned out. (Facebook genocide, the Youtube Radicalization Algorithm, Google trimming their “Don’t be evil” motto by one word… and now Twitter.)

    I fear that any such service may be crushed by people moving to them with the HoSV hot on their tails.

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  8. Also this thread says what I’ve been saying about not letting the HoSV chase us off of communications platforms much more eloquently:


  9. That sign only stymies the amateurs.
    My Dad (a consummate pro) couldn’t emphasize enouth the importance of setting aside egging eggs toward the end of summer (beginning of Sept at the latest).
    The man was bragging but, he was actually teaching and just didn’t know it yet


  10. #6) I can’t quit the Twit quite yet
    -John P Flannery, (lawyer extraordinaire++) not only just liked something I said, HE RESPONDED TOO!
    Doodz, this never has happened to me. I don’t even get “likes” let alone responses.
    … and, no, I don’t think I’m onto something new, just savoring it!


    • #7) This is almost as exciting as when I was a kid and wrote a fan letter to Fonzi and he replied by sending a “Heyyyy!” postcard of himself admonishing/encouraging me to “BE COOL, STAY IN SCHOOL!”.
      Brushes with fame folks, brushes with fame … 😁🤣


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