Movement at Merde-a-Lardo

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Yesterday, I was going to post the news about Kash Patel being given immunity (for what, we wonder) to entice him to testify before a grand jury about the (ALLEGED) Espionage Act case involving documents (stolen state secrets) found at Merde-a-Lardo.

Always remember that a Federal Judge signed off on the search warrant and that one of the probably causes was the Espionage Act of 1917. You can google the act and see what it says and just for kicks apply the law to what we know in the news accounts. It’s pretty serious.

Anyway Patel is on public record saying that notable LIAR and 2X Impeached LOSER Exprznint Stupid declassified the documents before he stole them. There is no law about lying to the press, which is a fine Republican tradition, but there is a law about lying under oath.

Immunity does not mean Patel cannot be charged with another crime (for instance whatever he did on January 6 2021); it applies to the question at hand. When the DOJ grants someone immunity, it means they have information to share, and they plan to share it. Also know that prosecutors never ask a question that they do not already know the answer to, so Patel can either tell the truth or lie and go to jail. He cannot invoke the 5th Amendment as he has immunity.

As a side note, how information becomes declassified is well documented and as you might guess it involves a lot of paperwork. The president cannot just will it to happen, and it does not happen overnight; there’s a long process including assessing how the information may ripple and reveal other information, and then there is the logistics of briefing concerned parties that this information is no longer classified so they can deal with it appropriately.

On the flip-side, which is also widely misunderstood, the president can decide to give security clearances to anyone he wants and that can be instantaneous. See Kushner, Jarrod. So you see, there is a difference between declassifying info and giving someone access.

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3 Responses to Movement at Merde-a-Lardo

  1. Someone with a security clearance who mishandles classified information is on the hook for bigly legal troubles, with no “but I’m running for preznit!” exception Mango Mussolini of the Turd Reich is going to pull. Kash is fucked if he doesn’t testify.

    I’ll wager one beelyun quatloos that Mango Mussolini announces on Nov 9th so he can claim he’s immune to prosecution.

    He’s gotta be weighing the loss of his grift money (once announced, he’s limited by laws what he can spend his PAC money on versus stupid “the DOJ won’t get involved in prosecuting a presidential candidate” ‘rule’ the DOJ has imposed on us, which never ever accounted for a presidential candidate complicit up to his neck in ongoing, multiple criminal conspiracies.

    In short: We’re fucked in the dark.

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    • tengrain says:

      The thing is, BDR, material in a SCIF also has a paperwork trail on who saw it, and who handled it; it’s like a library book in that sense: the librarian knows how many copies exist, where they are and who checked them out. The only difference (and it is a big difference) is that only a small list of people can check it out, even if it is to “present” the material to the president.

      The FBI likely already knows how it got to Hair Füror and by whom (and even when).



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  2. H-Bob says:

    Maybe we should call TFG Eugene Debs Junior since he should be incarceration during the campaign!


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