Trump Tries Hail Mary Pass To SCOTUS

Lord Damp Nut is calling in his chits from his hand-selected and illegitimate SCOTUS:

Former President Donald Trump has asked the Supreme Court to put on hold the release of his tax returns by the Internal Revenue Service to a Democratic-led House committee.

Trump filed the emergency request on Monday with the high court after a federal appeals court cleared the way last week for the returns to be disclosed to the House Ways and Means Committee in the coming days.

The case is the most direct way for the House to obtain Trump’s federal tax returns after pursuing them in different avenues for years.

Weird, innit, how a guy who brags constantly about his wealth doesn’t want anyone to know about his wealth? If I were a suspicious-minded person, I would almost think he’s trying to hide something!

Anyway, our stacked and illegitimate SCOTUS could end this farce by quickly deciding to not take the case, but you never know with these guys, and of course ex-Prznint Stupid did appoint a number of ‘em and they might extend the professional courtesy to their fellow fascist.

Given the clarity of the statute, and the unanimity of all the courts who’ve looked at the case so far, there do not seem to be any great questions of law that our illegitimate SCOTUS must examine.

That said, what Hair Füror is hoping for is pretty clear: delay, Delay, DELAY until after the midterms and his hope that Team Coup re-takes the House and a new Republican Ways and Means chairperson would dismiss the request.

So another reason to vote next week, as if we were not trying to save democracy (little dee) itself.

UPDATE 1: The Chief Justice of our illegitimate SCOTUS John Roberts comes through for Trump.

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3 Responses to Trump Tries Hail Mary Pass To SCOTUS

  1. Stony Pillow says:

    Not necessarily a favor for TFG, but a big one for the R party. The Robbers Court pushed the release date past Nov. 8th.

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    • Jimmy T says:

      I’m thinking that the nation’s highest court is merely a fully owned subsidiary of the GQP, and is totally subservient to the Christian nationalist movement. I wish it weren’t so, but given their recent rulings a good case can be made…

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      • Absolutely…the plain black letter of the law in the relevant statute could not be clearer.

        Methinks the SCROTUS has adopted Wilhoit’s law as the law of the land:

        Conservatism consists of exactly one principle:

        There is an in-group whom the law protects but does not bind, alongside an out-group whom the law binds, but does not protect.

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