Nevada: Remember to Carry the 2

Got some Quatloos riding on this!

What happens in Nevada stays in Nevada, or something like that comes to mind as three hours later, they hand-counted exactly 50 ballots:

PAHRUMP, Nev. (AP) — Volunteers in a rural Nevada county where voting machine conspiracy theories led to an unprecedented hand-count of mail-in ballots came face-to-face with one messy reality of their plan Wednesday: It’s more time-consuming than anticipated…

…Two groups of five that The Associated Press observed Wednesday spent about three hours each counting 50 ballots. Mismatched tallies led to recounts, and occasionally more recounts. Several noted how arduous the process was, with one volunteer lamenting: “I can’t believe it’s two hours to get through 25” ballots.

It’s a proof of concept for the GOP nominee for secretary of state and notable election-denier Jim Marchant, who wants to do-away with voting machines and hand-count all ballots in the state:

The rejection of voting machines and embrace of 2020 conspiracy theories make Nye County — a vast area that boomed, then busted, on the back of gold and silver mining more than a century ago and today thrives in part thanks to legal prostitution — a harbinger of the country’s future should election deniers take charge.

Leading the push in Nevada is Jim Marchant, the GOP nominee for secretary of state — a position with authority over the battleground state’s elections. If Marchant is elected — a strong possibility in Nevada, where races for governor, attorney general, U.S. Senate and secretary of state are all neck and neck, according to polls and campaign operatives from both parties — he would wield broad power to implement his agenda across the state.

Marchant has been out in the sun too long, methinks:

In addition to championing hand counts, Marchant has promised if elected to “decertify” the 2020 Nevada result because he believes Trump won. Marchant could also attempt to thwart certification of the popular vote in the 2024 presidential race — something he has said he would have done had he been in office in 2020. And he plans to spread his gospel across the nation. “Some of you may have heard that I convinced a county here in Nevada to implement a new prototype for the election system that we’re going to deploy all around the country, with your help,” he promised from the stage of a Trump rally this month in Minden, Nev.

And of course, there is a law suit to try to put an end to this nonsense:

Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske, who is in charge of elections and has been been one of the GOP’s most vocal critics of the sort of voter-fraud conspiracy theories that fueled the hand tallying of ballots, said the “hand-counting process must cease immediately.”

She requested in a letter to Nye County Clerk Mark Kampf that he confirm to her office Thursday night that the hand count process “had been stopped.”

Cegavske’s office didn’t immediately respond to requests from The Associated Press for an update. But the ACLU said in a statement that Nye County’s attorneys had informed the organization’s legal staff that “its hand-count process has been shut down.”

“Today is a victory for all who believe in democracy,” said Sadmira Ramic, ALCU of Nevada’s voting rights attorney.

Nye County officials and their lawyers did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Cegavske, citing the court’s latest ruling, said in the letter the current hand-count procedure was prohibited at least until after the close of polls on Nov. 8.

With a population of 3M+ people, that should take, uh, approximately when Hell freezes over.


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9 Responses to Nevada: Remember to Carry the 2

  1. This is a thing in TTSKoA, too

    You would think that the whole Cyber Ninjas Ninnies debacle would have caused them to reconsider.


    • MDavis says:

      A certain percentage of these people is dug in. Challenging their assumptions with bare facts just makes them double down.
      There is an element of sunk-cost fallacy at work here.


      • Jimmy T says:

        One of my favorite quotes from Forrest Gump…


      • What’s hard to suss out are the ones who are committed tru believers, and the ones who are cynically going along with the scam for power’s sake: Krazy Lake and Mark Finchem in TTSKoA for example.

        IIRC one of the things Finchem was promising (during the primaries) was that when he was elected SoS, he would ban all voting machines and go to hand counts, and in person voting only on Election day which would be required to be completely counted by midnight.

        Which is just not physically possible in this universe.

        I cannot tell if Krazy Lake is really as insane as she appears or is merely staying strictly in Keyfabe character.

        Not that any of this really matters, with the Supremes ready to rule that State legislatures have unfettered and unchallengeable rights to declare who wins elections.

        (MCGA: Make the Confederacy Great Again)

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      • MDavis says:

        I was thinking of just everyday individual, like “man in the street” types with no political power other than the vote.
        The only way I can see those guys being cynical about this is if they are the kind of people who “train” their dogs by waiting for them to start dropping their butt and then commanding “Sit!” just to show off how well they are trained – the people who would vote for fascists because they are going to win anyway and they want to be on the winning side, no matter the cost. You know, salt of the earth people.


      • MDavis, I believe the proper erm is “The Common Clay of the New West”

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      • MDavis says:

        Yeah, like that.


  2. w3ski4me says:

    This is Nevada right, and they are having a hard time counting something? Uh, aren’t there like a gazillion casinos where people do counting all day and night long? You’d think the nitwits could have found a pro to at least count the votes right and quickly. I guess no one fit the profile of nitwitism for hiring.
    So sad if this kind of vote BS spreads any further, and yes, I know it already has. If only enough integrity remains for this vote and one more.


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