Florida’s Clown Shortage and Competing Birthday Parties

Lord Damp Nut is not a monster, he’s just ahead of the curve.

The Count of Mostly Crisco, Hair Füror hisself is coming to Floriduh to campaign for Marco ‘Big Gulp’ Rubio, the Cold Warrior for a New Generation, and beloved grandson figure of Wingnuts over the age of 73 and under the age of death, but he will NOT be campaigning for likely 2024 Goat Rodeo competitor Floriduh Goblin Ron DeSantis:

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Former President Donald Trump is coming to Miami just two days before Election Day. But one Republican won’t be there — Gov. Ron DeSantis. Not yet anyway.

Trump on Wednesday said he’ll hold a rally with Sen. Marco Rubio on Nov. 6. DeSantis was left off the announcement and an adviser to the former president said the Florida governor is not attending.

It’s like the third-grader birthday party wherein one child is snubbed by the other.

The apparent snub angered some people within DeSantis’ orbit, who complained that the Florida governor’s team was not informed of the rally prior to Trump announcing it. The timing of the Trump and Rubio event means any campaign event DeSantis holds that day won’t get as much attention during the all-important final stretch of the 2022 midterms.

“You’ve got the Sunday before Election Day totally hijacked by Trump parachuting in on Trump Force One taking up the whole day,” said a longtime Republican consultant who is close to the governor. “No Republican could go to a DeSantis event that day. None. And DeSantis won’t be here? This is big.”

Watch, DeSantis will have a bigger party, with TWO Birthday cakes, and a pony, and a magician, and…

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2 Responses to Florida’s Clown Shortage and Competing Birthday Parties

  1. I cannot wait for the DeathSentence:Mango Mussolini slapfights over this shit. It will be entertaining, at least, during our national decent into hell.

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  2. RWW says:

    DeSantis probably also whispered to his aides that TFG wears poopy-pants and smells like pee, which of course, is totally true.


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