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More great news from Georgeduh:

Georgia early voting numbers continue shattering records

ATLANTA – With just over two weeks until election day, early voting is still breaking records in Georgia.

As of Monday morning, over 837,000 people have voted across the Peach State.

Gabe Sterling with the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office says 758,808 people have voted early in person and 78,789 absentees ballots have been accepted. That means the number of early votes should pass the 1 million mark by Tuesday, he said.

Our Failed Political Press ™ has been covering the polling, and not the results (so far) and I could not help but notice that someone activated the Kornacki mechanism at MSNBC, and I darkly suspect that is by design. Clicks and eyeballs go to speculation and not to reporting, you know, actual numbers that matter.

(There’s been a lot of speculative blather in Republican News that Black Americans are sitting out this election, and it is completely unfounded, btw. Methinks that narrative has been planted by people that have an interest in suppressing the Black vote, and I wonder who that could be?)

While I am far from sanguine about the midterms, the actual early voting is astonishingly robust. You can follow the early voting totals at the The United States Election Project.

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3 Responses to Today In Horse-Racing News

  1. I don’t have any idea what this means, but Milwaukee County currently has a 52% early ballot acceptance rate. But that seems low.

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  2. Jimmy T says:

    I already voted. Now I will just drop my ballot off in a local post office, and I’m done. BTW, the last Republican I voted for was Oregon Governor Tom McCall, who was a local legend. But he’s long gone now. Too bad the GQP has since devolved into madness and conspiracy theories (the same thing). I don’t see them ever coming back to the real world in my lifetime…

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    • beckymaenot says:

      Why should they JT? They are getting everything they want the way things are. It’s a total and complete betrayal of democracy by the party of family values and patriotism.

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