Who Needs Cancun: Texas Tourist Gets Warm NYC Greeting

If only Ayatollah Ted had stayed silent.

How come none of you mugs told me that it was Ted Cruz Day:


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4 Responses to Who Needs Cancun: Texas Tourist Gets Warm NYC Greeting

  1. Jimmy T says:

    If we can get TFG to attend a game, I would expect a far more vigorous welcoming. New Yorkers really hate TFG…

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    • May have told this tale once before but my MIL said her one regrest was not “running that asshole over” one time in the 80’s. She worked in Manhattan for a director of a big bank and they knew him all too well.

      She was driving around town with some relatives from Ohio, and he walked out into the street without looking, forcing her to slam on the brakes. (this was in his much younger days, when he still walked instead of being carted about like a common Hutt).

      She told me “If I’d know it was that asshole I’d have kept on going. No jury in NY would have convicted me” Yes he is hated there with a white-hot burning hate.

      My sister in law, who lives in the city now, knows the exact moment that the election was called for Biden…the whole city erupted in cheering, banging pots, honking horns etc.

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  2. Why it’s the traditional New York “You’re #1 in our hearts” salute!

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  3. w3ski4me says:

    Things like Ted are best not seen.


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