Trump Crime Family Returns To Scene Of Crime

Today is the day that the Trump Organization goes on trial for tax fraud and other charges. DA Alving Bragg will have Trump Org former CFO Allen Weisselberg testifying as a star witness; the trial is likely to stretch longer than a month, and should he convict the bastards it will result in a fine (maximum $1.7 million). Which is pocket change to the Trump Crime Family.

While it is a criminal trial, the defendant is a business and not a person, and sadly you cannot put a business in prison.

So why is this a big deal, you ask? Because every avalanche begins with a snowball; the concern is the same as the fat frog in a pot of water coming to a boil. A small conviction here and there will numb Possum Hollar before a major conviction that might finally give us the frog march we so much need and want.

Tiger Beat’s email thingie has a delightful consequence:

“Conviction could prompt the government to bar the Trump Organization from doing business as a federal contractor, including cutting off the spigot of Trump’s lucrative … billing of Secret Service agents who stay at his properties while protecting the former president and his family.”

The jury selection starts today and we’ll have to see if they can sort out any potential MAGA jurors. Fani Willis will be watching from Georgia.

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1 Response to Trump Crime Family Returns To Scene Of Crime

  1. MDavis says:

    I read somewhere that the family has already started up a new name for their business, just like other sleazeball businesses that violate laws and stiff their employees and then move across the street under “new” management.
    Allegedly, of course.


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