The Horse Race Continues!

Horse Race Reporting: Comin’ round the bend…

Upchuck Todd’s First Read continues to be awful:

Less than three weeks before Election Day, voter interest has now reached an all-time high for a midterm election, with a majority of registered voters saying that this election is “more important” to them than past midterms.

What’s more, some 80% of Democrats and Republicans believe the political opposition poses a threat that, if not stopped, will destroy America as we know it.

And two-thirds of reliable Democratic and Republican voters say they’d still support their party’s political candidate, even if that person had a moral failing that wasn’t consistent with their own values.

Let’s see if we can find the razor blade in the apple, shall we?

These are some of the major findings of a brand-new national NBC News poll, which also shows a competitive contest for November and offers positive signs for both major political parties.

Yup: National.

Unless something has changed, this year is not a presidential year. The total number of angry partisans in the country doesn’t matter because voting ends at your state’s borders. And while everyone might be mad at the Generic Republican (or Generic Democrat), the person on the ballot is not a theoretical Republican/Democrat, it is your actual candidate.

And if you are panicked and discouraged (and if you are reading/listening to Our Failed Political Press ™ I don’t see how you cannot be panicked/discouraged), look at the actual early voting numbers in your state. These are not poll numbers, these are the people who already voted. There is nothing theoretical about them.

And pretty much everywhere I look the Democrats are out-voting the Republicans in early voting, and women are out-voting men. Take some comfort in this.

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  1. roket says:

    Continuing to believe that both sides do it has become a sign of weakness.

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