Area Man Upset

Trumper tantrum

Twice-impeached LOSER ex-Prznint Stupid went full toddler on Brian Kilmeade’s (“The Stupid” on Petunia & Pals) radio show and screamed that Bob Woodward’s audio files of interviews with him, you know, belong to HIM:

“In many ways I like the tapes, I insist on tapes, but I also say the tapes belong to me,” Trump told Kilmeade. “That means Woodward has to get whatever deal he made, you know, we’ll probably end up in litigation over it. Because we gave tapes for the written word, not tapes to sell.”
After fuming more about Woodward, Trump told Kilmeade that “we’ve already hired the lawyers to sue him” and added that “Bob Woodward’s a very sleazy guy.”

You can listen here, if you want to hear Lord Damp Nut braying that he’s been done wrong.

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7 Responses to Area Man Upset

  1. The orange skidmark is lying about suing, having lawyers already to sue, that he told Woodward that the tapes were only to help the book, etc., etc.,.
    That shitstain is just upset that he can’t call this book a witch hunt because it’s all straight out of his sewer pipe.
    You can hear the lies in his voice, my mother had the same inflection when she lied (a lot). Physically, when he speaks his lies, his jaw will often shift.

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    • I’ll bet he thought Bob was just anpther one of his ghost writers…Woodward’s been doing this a long, LONG time. I watched an interview with hime after his book came out about the TFG White House. He said, the big sources always turn him down for an interview 2-3 times, as he patiently gets other sources to say what big fish said, and eventually they all come knocking on his door, ready to talk because they want to get their side on tape before his book comes out.

      Petulant Petty Tyrant probably spilled everything the first time he asked.

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  2. Buttermilk Sky says:

    If Woodward assigned him a cut of the royalties I’ll bet his objections would vanish. Always Be Grifting.

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  3. w3ski4me says:

    Such a spoiled brat toddler. “All your stuff is mine”. I hear he is also claiming those top-secret documents he stole are his, too. Good luck with that claim Bozo.

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  4. roket says:

    Let’s approach this from a different perspective. What does NOT belong to TFG?

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  5. angry spittle says:

    Is anybody as sick as I am over this whiney ass little bitch crying about being so unfairly treated…….Oh poor me, poor me, poor poor pitiful me…….

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  6. Mine! Mine mine mine!

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