Breaking: Trump Subpoena’ed

This is all I know, I’m sure more is to come.

IF he shows up what are his choices?  A) plead the Fifth, which makes him look guilty and or weak; 2) commit perjury and/or iii) admit he broke the law.

It’s a big IF that he shows up. I think it is much more likely he tries to fight the subpoena, but it is a nice bit of theatrical timing that they dropped the subpoena on the day Bannon got sentenced for Contempt of Congress for not showing up when subpoena’ed.

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3 Responses to Breaking: Trump Subpoena’ed

  1. the day Bannon got “sentenced” for Contempt of Congress

    As if he’ll see a day in the pokey. Pfft!

    Nah, the only people who will ever serve time for Contempt of Congress will be the endless parade of people called to the GQP Vengeance Hearings should they win.

    Orange Julius Caesar will simply blow the J6 committee off and stall, counting on the Dems losing the House. If we don’t, lose it, he’ll simply blow them off, and dare the DOJ to do something. The odds are in his favor, he’s never been held accountable for fuck-all yet.

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    • More to the point, no Republican has been held accountable. We hear daily reports of them flouting the law (today it was MTG misusing campaign funds), and there is NEVER a follow-up report where any of these indiscretions caused so much as a moment’s lost sleep.

      Of course sociopaths are drawn to politics- it’s risk free, and the drinks are on the house.

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  2. The orange skidmark’s plane is standing by as we speak/type, freshly restocked in Depends undergarments.


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