Jan. 6 Committee Cannot Find a Trump Lawyer, too!

Stable Jenius

The Jan. 6 Committee cannot find any of Hair Füror’s lawyers to serve their subpoena, so I guess being the world’s worst client is finally paying off for him?

The Jan. 6 committee investigating the attack on the U.S. Capitol has yet to formally subpoena former President Donald Trump, in part because investigators are still trying to find someone authorized to accept service of it, sources familiar with the matter tell ABC News.

But multiple lawyers representing Trump have told committee investigators they aren’t permitted to formally accept service of the subpoena on behalf of Trump, sources familiar with the deliberations say.

It’s just shy of them denying they work for him, they want to continue practicing law, and concluding by putting a paper bag over their heads to protect their identities.

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3 Responses to Jan. 6 Committee Cannot Find a Trump Lawyer, too!

  1. They could ask Biden to serve him personally…that way the Praetorian Guard SS protective detail the MAGAt Manipulator has surrounded himself with cannot deny the service.

    Dark Brandon would enjoy that, I think…

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  2. I am picturing a team of Trump lawyers wearing bags over their heads, like “Unknown Lawyers,” and how they could be representing “The Gong Show,” thirty years ago!


  3. osirisopto says:

    Just give the subpeona to Rudy and tell him he’ll get paid $20 to hand it to TFG.


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