2024 Goat Rodeo News

Pence is the one on the right.

Mike Pence, a man so wooden that termites salivate when he walks into a room, and who was Hair Füror’s designated target to be lynched during the Stupid Coup, has the quote of the morning:

Former Vice President Mike Pence suggested Wednesday he might not vote for Donald Trump if his ex-boss were to run for president in 2024.

When Pence was questioned about the issue at a Georgetown University event, he gave a long pause.

“Well, there might be somebody else I’d prefer more,” he said.

The next paragraph is pure USAToday shade:

Trump has not formally announced a presidential bid for 2024, but he has strongly hinted he might run. Pence is also considering a run, according to several of his confidants.

Pence cannot get any respect, even in an article about him hinting he’s running. Amazing that the stenographer stayed awake that long, really.

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  1. angryspittle says:

    Who gives a flying rat’s ass about what this empty suit thinks?

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