Team Coup 2022 Economic Strategy: Dine-and-Dash

The Republican Party Takes Flight

The WaPo tells us what Team Coup’s big evil plan is if they regain control of the levers of the gubmint: Global Financial Crisis

After refusing for months to divulge what they’d do if they regained control of Congress, Republicans have finally revealed some oftheir economic agenda.

Unfortunately, it might involve causing a global financial crisis, recent interviews with some GOP congressmen suggest.


The scariest part of the recently disclosed GOP economic agenda, however, has largely gone under the radar. It’s the plan to hold the debt ceiling hostage next year, which could easily precipitate a global financial catastrophe.

Republicans have withheld their support from raising the debt limit before, usually framing their hostage-taking as a commitment to fiscal restraint. But the debt ceiling has nothing to do with new spending; rather, it’s a somewhat arbitrary statutory cap on how much the government can borrow to pay off bills that it has already incurred, through tax and spending decisions that Congress has already made.

And here is the perfect description of this gambit, and I plan to steal this:

Refusing to raise the debt limit is like going to a restaurant, ordering the lobster and a $500 bottle of wine, and then declaring yourself financially responsible because you skipped out on the check.


And generally we know that they plan to take the gubmint hostage to kill off Social Security and Medicare, to pay for the cuts they seek.

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2 Responses to Team Coup 2022 Economic Strategy: Dine-and-Dash

  1. Redhand says:

    Well, now, you may have left out a golden nugget. Over at TPM there’s this:

    If Putin Can Hang On Til January:

    Russia’s military situation in Ukraine has become so dire in recent weeks that, as you know, there’s been increasing discussion of whether President Putin might resort to the use of nuclear weapons to stabilize it or overawe Ukraine’s western allies into discontinuing aid. We think, rightly, about how terrifying this prospect is. But we shouldn’t forget that it is also a gauge of just how bad Russia is doing in conventional terms. But Putin may get relief if he’s able to hold on until January when a Republican House would block any more military aid to Ukraine.

    That is what Kevin McCarthy is now signaling.

    McCarthy won’t express actual opposition to Ukraine’s war effort or explicit support for Russia. He’s framing it as needing to spend money on all the domestic priorities President Biden has allegedly ignored. But he’s clearly speaking for House Republicans who really do see Russia as an ideological ally in the global conflict between civic democracy and authoritarianism. This is what we have to look forward to next year.

    Maybe Kevin omitted himself from the list of GQP people on Pooty’s payroll. Man, do I loathe this sonofabitch.

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  2. roket says:

    And this is how the minority rules. By extortion.

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