Every Billionaire Represents A Policy Failure, Part Infinity

Where there’s smoke, there’s Elon

To paraphrase Dean Wormer speaking to Flounder, petty, stoned, and thin-skinned is no way to go through life, son:

KYIV, Ukraine — Elon Musk said Friday that his space company could not keep funding the Starlink satellite service that has kept Ukraine and its military online during the war, and he suggested he was pulling free internet after a Ukrainian ambassador insulted him on Twitter.
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A Starlink cutoff would cripple the Ukrainian military’s main mode of communication and potentially hamstring its defenses by giving a major advantage to Russia, which has sought to jam signals and phone service in the eastern and southern combat zones.

The world’s richest man by Bloomberg estimates, Musk tweeted from the United States that his company, SpaceX, does not want reimbursement for its past expenses in helping Ukraine. But, he tweeted, it “also cannot fund the existing system indefinitely and send several thousand more terminals that have data usage up to 100X greater than typical households. This is unreasonable.”

So… why the thin-skinned?

He also taunted Ukraine’s ambassador to Germany, Andrij Melnyk, who had some choice words for Musk last week after the Tesla chief executive tweeted a proposal to end the war in Ukraine that would favor Russia.

“F— off is my very diplomatic reply to you @elonmusk,” Melnyk said at the time.

“We’re just following his recommendation,” Musk tweeted early Friday. The ambassador declined to comment on Friday, while his press representative told The Washington Post his previous comment had been a specific response to Musk’s tweet about peace negotiations.

So, yup: billionaire’s precious fee-fees were hurt, so why not give Russia a strategic advantage?

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11 Responses to Every Billionaire Represents A Policy Failure, Part Infinity

  1. MDavis says:

    I read somewhere that the U.S. gov’t was -somehow- funding those satellites already, so of course he doesn’t want reimbursement for past expenses. An accounting of those expenses would reveal his bs. Allegedly. If what I remember reading is factual.

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  2. So, yup: billionaire’s precious fee-fees were hurt, so why not give Russia a strategic advantage?

    What are the odds he’s given Putin’s crack hackers access into the entire starlink system, just to piss off the Ukrainians for not acceding to his eminently reasonable abject surrender “peace” plan?

    Also over/under odds of him calling Zelenskyy a ‘pedo’ in the next week?

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  3. Martin Pollard says:

    Yet another reason why I would never buy a Tesla. Why on earth would I buy a product that could be bricked just because I tweeted the wrong thing at Muskrat the Petulant Man-Baby?

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    • w3ski4me says:

      I never thought about that. Another reason to never buy one.


      • MDavis says:

        I’m looking for a chance to buy a Ford PU, admittedly mostly because 1) their engineer was involved in a great PR stunt, the prototype pulling a ding dang freight train and B) that PR stunt went public around the time that Texas went into deep-freeze because of their execrable rules in place for their personal power company – which gave them a chance to point out how much power the Ford batteries could supply when you lose power.

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      • MDavis says:

        (“them” is the Ford people, of course)


  4. pagan in repose says:

    Billionaire fascism on the stroll, showing everyone one their sparkly wares and bobbles. Only starting their own little wars when the little people start acting up.

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