One Lump of Stupid or Two?

Sweet, sweet relief

Denis Molla, a Minnesota 4th Reich fan, pleaded guilty to wire fraud after he staged a fire and spray-painted antifa graffiti (and the sayings “Biden 2020” and “BLM”) on his own garage, then blamed it all on left-wing radicals.

Denis Molla, 30, had claimed that his camper was targeted because of his Trump flag.

He filed fraudulent insurance claims worth hundreds of thousands of dollars after the 2020 incident at his Minneapolis-area residence, prosecutors said.

Molla also created a GoFundMe fundraiser after the fire.

Molla took more than $78,000 from an insurance company and donors who used GoFundMe, prosecutors said. He submitted insurance claims worth more than $300,000, they said.

Remember the dip who cut a backwards “B” on her forehead, claiming she was attacked by Black Obama supporters? Why do these mooks want to be victims so badly that they do this kind of merde?

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4 Responses to One Lump of Stupid or Two?

  1. Why do these mooks want to be victims so badly that they do this kind of merde?

    Because they live in a fantasy bubble where everyone knows that BLM protesters burned multiple entire cities to the ground and antifa roams the streets everywhere hunting wabbits Wepubwicans. They get bussed in to red towns and cities, see, to bring tyranny.

    There are vast countless armies of immigrants storming the border to rape and murder all the white people and the ((elites)) running the Communist Democratic party want it that way.

    These are people who believe that illegal immigrabts are giving away fentanyl to unknowing kids this Halloween and that schools all across the country have litter boxes in the classroom to accomodate the large number of children who identify as cats.

    He thought it was a perfect, foolproof plan to scam money off of the insurance companies and fellow marks get what the world rightfully owes him as a White Christian Nationalist instead of giving it all to shiftkess welfare recipients and snotty college kids who majored in ‘woke lesbian basket weaving’ and such.

    After all isn’t that how the whole GQP hierarchal structure works?

    “There are big grifters, with smaller grifters on them, and even smaller grifters on them, ad infinitum”

    At the bottom, I suppose, it’ll be two MAGA mooks grifting each other for the few pennies they have left…back and forth, forth and back.

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  2. Why do these mooks want to be victims so badly that they do this kind of merde?

    Social currency. While I’m sure that the stuff that got destroyed was well past it’s “use by” date, the fact that he was so brave in his support of TFG that he – personally – was singled out as a danger to the libs would be his morning story at the diner for the rest of his life. And the liberal media would be there lapping it up.

    The worst part is, I have no doubt that it worked. He will have lost no status in his community and is still viewed as a martyr. He was “set up by the libs”, and “yes, this is how they work”.

    Thieves selling shit to idiots.

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  3. Stony Pillow says:

    Why do these mooks want to be victims so badly that they do this kind of merde?

    For the money. He even tried to sue the insurance company when they started balking.

    When you add it all up, that’s the whole R project. Not patriotism, not our children’s future, not a better world. Grifters and thieves to the core.

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  4. w3ski4me says:

    It would have been easier for everyone if he had just etched a bloody T in his chest.

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