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The Stupid Coup

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In the beginning the Jan 6 Committee vowed to do three things: A) correct the record of the aftermath of the 2020 Goat Rodeo and 2) present the case that twice-impeached LOSER Ex-Prznint Stupid was at the center of a conspiracy to overthrow the results of a fraud-free election; and iii) outline the on-going attack on democracy.

Today, they made their case in what is alleged to be the final hearing, and the legal beagles amongst us probably already know that the heretofore unknown element for a legal case is all about what Prznint Stupid was thinking while the insurrection was happening.

Today we learned the following about Trump up to and during the insurrection:

  • He had a plan to never concede the election.
    • The hearing featured evidence that the summer BEFORE the election, Hair Füror planned to declare victory on Election Day 2020, and that he was knew about the insurrection violence before he tweeted his notorious attack on his vice president, the walking termite buffet Mike Pence.
  • The Committee detailed all the advisors who told him that he had lost (and it was multitudes).
      • He knew that he lost and that his allegations of fraud were false.

  • He intended to ignore the rule of law to stay in power.
    • The Committee showed date and time stamped him defying his advisors days AFTER they had told him that there was no fraud and he continued to make the case to Possum Hollar that there was. It was very effective!

“There was no doubt that President Trump knew what he was going to do: sending an angry mob… armed with various weapons to the Capitol. There’s no scenario where that action is benign.” — Rep. Pete Aguilar (D-CA)

The Committee also lifted the veil on the role that the Secret Service played, which shows beyond the shadow of a doubt that they knew well beforehand what was likely to happen, that the mob was armed, what the target were, and who the major players were (The Proud Boys), even though the SS deleted all of their texts, wipe the phones clean, and then replaced them, somehow the Committee got their hands on “millions of pages of documents.”

The Committee is generously going to let the Secret Service revise their testimony, now that it’s collective memory has been refreshed, but the SS are wildly exposed for obstruction.

The committee ended the meeting with a surprising blockbuster: they voted to subpoena Hair Füror, you know, to give him a chance to give his side of the story, and to practice saying “Fifth” to Liz Cheney. Of course he won’t comply, but this does put it on the record that they tried and this was not some sort of rigged hearing. (see what I did there?)

Anyway, it was history in the making and worth every minute. My favorite part has to be the never before seen video of the Democratic leadership in wherever their safe location was, calmly trying to get 1) some help and B) back into the main room at the Capitol so they could finish their business. I have long said that Nancy Pelosi rules as the best Speaker of my lifetime and maybe the best in US history, but when you see this you will also know that she is a stone-cold badass. Nothing phases Nancy Pelosi. Nothing. Ovaries of goddamn steel.

[Fun exercise: Compare and Contrast her icy resolve and Josh Hawley sprinting for safety!]

If I can find the clip I’ll post it, I’m sure it will be featured in many places tonight.

UPDATE 1: Crooks and Liars has the Pelosi portion.



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  1. ali redford says:

    Speaker Pelosi was absolutely excellent.


  2. Jimmy T says:

    And the shorter version…

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  3. MDavis says:

    She’s right up there with the well-named Officer Goodman. Each of them did their job with various parts of steel.

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  4. MDavis says:

    BTW – nice swear, TG. Your resolution should feel fulfilled.

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  6. roket says:

    Hell. No telling what we’ll find out 3 years after the fact. Guess we’ll have to wait for the f’ing book. Geesh.


  7. I just remember Nancy Smash’s respond to that dickweed yelling “YOU LIE!” at Obama during the SOTU. I think she withered his marbles with that stare.


  8. pagan in repose says:

    Say what you will about her. I have always thought that if you gathered all the badass MFers on Capital hill and put them in a room and locked the door, I would put my money on Nancy Pelosi being the last person standing. Every time. And I believe her first words upon leaving the room would be “We came to an agreement.”


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