Whaddup, Nevada?

OK, this Big Liarer, Jim Marchant, is the GOP candidate for secretary of state in Nevada, and this video was at that strange Burn-the-Reichstag rally and Festival-like airing of grievances (GHWB’s Chinese take-out and Bowling Allies!) this weekend. Marchant is leading over his Democratic rival Cisco Aguilar.

Vice has some details:

“Fixing it,” in Marchant’s world, means eradicating mail-in ballots, doing away with vote tabulation machines, and binning voter registration rolls—which would force all Nevadans to re-register to vote.

Marchant failed to tell the crowd that some of the inspiration for his extreme policies comes from a QAnon influencer he’s been working with since November 2020.

“Juan O Savin,” whose real name is Wayne Willott, has been a major promoter of election conspiracies, and together with Marchant, as well as MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell and Overstock.com founder Patrick Byrne, he’s helped build a coalition of candidates for secretary of state and governor in over a dozen states.

So he’s also a Q-Spriracist, too. Neat-o! I know I just posted that you shouldn’t trust the polls, but Nevada is about to become red according to the available polling, none of the state-wide offices is trending blue.

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3 Responses to Whaddup, Nevada?

  1. Hello. The drive to do away with automated machine ballot counting / tabulating is because they rarely make mistakes. The results are clear and can be trusted. This has been proven. But if you get rid of machine tabulation what do you have left? Humans counting millions of millions of ballots. How many errors do you think could be introduced? If you had a person doing the counting who wanted a candidate to win, they could just count every ballot for that candidate. Also think of the ballot vote challenges, none of them would come out the same. But also more important is the time it would take to total the vote. Many places have time restrictions for votes to be counted. Well there is no way to do that by human hand what a machine can read in that time frame. It also goes to the idea that trump and his supporters tried to push that he was winning before all the votes were counted. See the reason they don’t want fast vote counting. Any way this is all about rigging elections to make sure a minority of people named the Republican Party can rule over the majority and end democracy. Hugs


  2. Pretzelogic in Philly, PA says:

    Saw a comment somewhere on the interwebs that if they had a bowling alley / Chinese restaurant combo, they’d HAVE to call it “Spare Ribs”.


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