And The Judgements Are In

Well, Ol’ Alexi is  totally eff’ed in the dark:

There’s not enough flaccid dicks in all of  Possum Hollar to buy all the pills he will need to sell.

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3 Responses to And The Judgements Are In

  1. Jimmy T says:

    Not sure if there is enough MAGA money in the known universe to cover his ass, but considering what he did, $1,000,000,000 seems like a good start…

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  2. Martin Pollard says:

    And he really thinks that filing for bankruptcy will shield him from these verdicts. Unfortunately for him, bankruptcy judges take a really dim view of that, and it’s very unlikely that they’ll let him do it.

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  3. Unfortunately the shitweasel has already moved all his money out of reach. I do have a question: can you appeal a case you lost because you told the court to FOAD??


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