Christians Rally Around Walker

The larger story, of course, is that the Xristian Xrazies are marvelously pliable and plastic about, you know, having a lying adulterer as a candidate versus (checks notes) an actual reverend from MLK’s own church. Tiger Beat reports:

“I think that any Christian who engages in the political process — and especially someone who’s a pastor — you’re always going to be confronted with someone that is either less than ideal, or something that flat-out contradicts what you believe in,” [Pastor Anthony George] said in an interview.

Since revelations surfaced that the former football star and self-described “pro-life” Republican had allegedly paid for an ex-girlfriend’s abortion in 2009, evangelical Christian leaders in Georgia have banded together to support Walker, as has the Republican Party in general. Walker has staked out a hard-line, “no exceptions” position on abortion.

So it really is a do as I say and not as I do situation?

“The dilemma is, do you wait for a candidate who is perfect?” George said on Wednesday. “Do you wait for a candidate who perfectly aligns with everything you not only want them to do when they’re elected, but all of your cultural and moral beliefs? Or do you take what’s given to you and make the choice between the options?”

In the olden days (Pre-PolPotus), this was much derided as moral relativism. I recall many a scold wagging a finger from Reagan-onward:

The Atlanta-area pastor said he isn’t sure whether the most recent allegation is actually “a hit job,” but he does believe that Warnock’s support for abortion rights in the Senate matters more than Walker’s alleged personal conduct. POLITICO has not independently verified the reports.

“Herschel would have to do and say a whole lot for me to not support him over Warnock,” George said.

It’s been said by many that religion is the last bastion of the scoundrel, so what does the scoundrel himself have to say?

“I was forgiven, the Lord has forgiven me,” Walker said in an interview Wednesday on Fox News. “Like I’ve said, I am a Christian. I will always be a Christian. That’s the reason I got into this race, because I see things that are going wrong that’s not right in this country.”

Walker released a new TV ad on Wednesday that also emphasized his faith, saying he had struggled with mental health problems in the past but “by the grace of God I’ve overcome it.”

And speaking of religious scoundrels, we observe the return of Jack Abramoff’s glabrous grifting pool boy and evangelist-for-hire, Ralph Reed:

Reed condemned the fresh allegations against Walker as more than a dozen years old and from an anonymous source, while saying Georgia voters are motivated much more by the poor economic environment and President Joe Biden’s agenda. Reed acknowledged those comments were similar to what he said in October 2016, when off-camera “Access Hollywood” audio surfaced of Trump joking about sexually assaulting women.

While Reed at the time called Trump’s comments “offensive and inappropriate,” he also noted that they were dated and were “unlikely to rank high” on voters’ lists of concerns.

“Fortunately, I was right about that,” Reed said of his gamble that 2016 voters would still turn out for Trump. “I wasn’t sure, frankly, when I said it, whether I was right or not.”

So Reed is an expert in these matters, what with having sold out his principles for $20, same as in town.

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5 Responses to Christians Rally Around Walker

  1. Batman 54 says:

    With the Repukes, it always comes down to, “do as I say, not as I do.”

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  2. w3ski4me says:

    The Rethugs have convinced themselves that no Democrat can indeed be a Christian. I think being open about abortion instead of secretive about it as they are means we are all going to hell(TM.) Anyway, they seem to have written off the Democratic Party as heathens and that’s what we are dealing with. Even a phony “Christian”, is better than a godless Democrat. WE are Doomed! By nitwits.

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  3. roket says:

    Note to republican Xtians: Your 7 deadly sins are showing.

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  4. robginchicago says:

    Walker has a strongly held religious belief that an exception to a strict abortion ban can only be allowed when it’s necessary to preserve the life of a political campaign.

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  5. they are, as driftglass often reminds, endlessly reprovable meatbags.


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