The November Threat

Joseph Stalin apocryphally said that who votes doesn’t matter, it’s who counts the votes. Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) morning email thingie sums up the treachery we are likely to experience tying to vote in the 2022 Pie Fight:

THREAT ASSESSMENT, PART I — Even as our voting systems have gotten more secure in recent decades, the wave of voter fraud conspiracy theories and political threats to election officials portend a dark future, The Atlantic’s Tim Alberta reports. “The great threat is no longer machines malfunctioning or ballots being spoiled. It is the actual theft of an election,” he writes. “This makes for a terrifying scenario in 2024—but first, a crucial test in 2022,” perhaps the last opportunity to stop 2020 election deniers from controlling future elections.

This means that you must vote down-ballot against Wingnuttia. Usually the Secretary of State is the elected official that handles elections and election integrity. If your state has a Big Lie enthusiast or anyone who supports Hair Füror running for that office, you need to work your ass off against that person. This is DefCon 1.

THREAT ASSESSMENT, PART II — The prospect of an insider threat from poll workers themselves tampering with election infrastructure is growing as a November worry, especially in Michigan, Zach Montellaro reports. “Current and former officials expressed concerns about there being an organized effort by partisan groups to recruit and push people into those positions, because their responsibility should be to report to professional election staff.”

THREAT ASSESSMENT, PART III — A DHS briefing Monday warned that challenges to the election in November could range from foreign disinformation changes to violence against poll workers, per WSJ’s Aruna Viswanatha and Dustin Volz. Despite a panoply of risks, disinformation and higher-than-ever harassment of election officials, the administration “hasn’t seen foreign actors specifically target U.S. election systems with cyber operations this year as they have done during past cycles.”

The entire left coast are now all vote-by-mail states, and so while I am not expecting much in the way of polling place drama (here in Warshington there are no polling places), but I do wonder what might be in store at the places where the votes are counted. Even here in Liberaland, maybe we need to be available to witness the counting?

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9 Responses to The November Threat

  1. Martin Pollard says:

    Already voted absentee here in Michissippi. We still have straight-ticket voting, so naturally I did the big D, and for those positions whose political affiliation was not mentioned, I tried to research as best I could and voted for the most liberal/progressive candidates (especially judges). Dropped the ballot into the drive-up drop box in front of City Hall just the other day, in fact, as did my wife. If some Trumpists wind up winning, at least we’ll know we did our part in trying to prevent it.

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  2. MDavis says:

    I don’t have much means for campaigning here in Nevada. I’m in a region that is red enough that it feels like risking my life to campaign for dems. A former co-worker once showed me a contrast between the local R party headquarters (big and official looking) and the D headquarters (someone’s house where, apparently, all five D party members would meet very quietly). I haven’t gotten a will notarized and filed in a safe place yet, and I’m not set up to pay all my bills without working my day job so no campaigning for me.
    Sorry, I feel like I’m letting y’all down.
    I will vote, though, same as Martin.

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  3. My wife and I walked our absentee ballots over to the US Mailbox in front of Oshkosh City Hall on the weekend. We proudly voted for ALL the Democrats up and down the ballot.

    I believe we’re winning, because the ROJO ads keep depicting Mandela Barnes (D-WI) darker and darker, although they have not yet dressed him in the more traditional thug hoodie! The Republican ads are going Willie Horton when they tout ROJO!

    Wisconsin Republicans control BOTH houses of the state legislature and have effectively gerrymandered the state. Democrats tend to win state-wide elections, however.

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  4. annieasksyou says:

    I do worry that all these stories will scare people and suppress voting. But if we’re scared now, just imagine how much worse things will become if the Republicans gain control. So I hope everyone will vote, vote, vote, as Biden says. (It’s the other side that actually tries to vote more than once!) And I encourage people to check to make sure your vote is counted because in many states you have an option to “cure” your ballot if it’s unjustly denied. See for more information.

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