Dr. Oz is a Puppy-Killing Monster

H/T Scissorhead D-Cap

What’s worse for a would-be Senate candidate: paying for an abortion after claiming to be anti-abortion, or killing puppies?

Jezebel broke the news yesterday that would-be U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania Mehmet Oz (R NJ) practiced vivisection on some 300+ dogs and puppies, and over 1000 animals total. He’s a monster.

I know that someone will argue that sometimes animal research is necessary, but Columbia University found that Oz’s experiments were often needlessly cruel, and ignored the rules laid out in the Animal Welfare Act.

I urge you to not actually read the story, it is that triggering an upsetting. Once you read it, you cannot, um, unread it.

Never missing a beat, John Fetterman’s social media team is on it:

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6 Responses to Dr. Oz is a Puppy-Killing Monster

  1. MDavis says:

    Could also post pet piggies or bunnies or who know what else.
    Not reading, but I’ve seen a couple of headlines already.


  2. Yep, that is horrific nightmare shit, clearly the actions of a committed “pro-life” rethuglican.

    I’ve done animal research (with mice and rats) in a previous career and we always took care to do it humanely (and not just because we had to by law, fer chrissake, but because we were not monsters!) and I am very glad I’m not in that line of work anymore.

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