Professional Courtesy: Republicans Vote Against Mental Health Care

Just whip ’em out an measure ’em, boys.

This slipped past me yesterday, I was so fixated on watching Florida literally turn into their state motto: where the debris meets the sea.

Anyway, the next time that the Ammosexuals and Gundamentalists claim that guns don’t kill people, it’s mental health, throw this in their faces.

(And seriously, does anyone doubt that Reps. Bo-Bo and 3-Names are mental?)

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6 Responses to Professional Courtesy: Republicans Vote Against Mental Health Care

  1. glitterbug says:

    My Grandmother had serious mental illness for a long time.

    State hospitals when I was a kid in the late 60’s. Real “Cuckoo’s Nest” stuff.

    She would get better with treatment, then worse back and forth until she died in 1999. (Last time I ever have to see NE Louisiana – Duck Dynasty land – when we planted her). It’s a struggle, Mom was a saint, always fighting for her.

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  2. “Guns don’t kill people, mental health issues do”

    Well mental health issues and cops hopped up on adrenaline and bloodlust…


  3. Rhoda says:

    Schools don’t have nearly enough money for health care providers for anything, much less mental health care. Hospitals can’t even deal well with mental health crises. While I love the idea, the reality seems implausible. But I’m currently depressed and not feeling hopeful about much, so there ya go.

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  5. My family is republican & I can tell you that if you have mental health issues, it’s YOUR fault. & it’s up to YOU to fix it. Whatever that takes … going to the psych ward, getting therapy, going on meds, whatever. But don’t ask THEM for help. It’s not THEIR problem.

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  6. w3ski4me says:

    Been acquainted with a lack of mental help for some time now. My Dad was a Psychologist, and my Mom was involuntarily committed for a spell. He helped a lot of people in his life but he sadly couldn’t help her. An Aunt was “treated” to electroshock therapy in my early years. A friend in my teenage years didn’t take to an acid trip and needed help we couldn’t provide. a “good” friend got too coked late one night turned to distrust in a moment’s time and pulled a gun on me. My own wife had a Bipolar breakdown.
    My feelings are the Rethugs are against mental help because they secretly know they need it and don’t like to be reminded. That’s why the Rethugs will never sponsor any mental health proposals.


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