Meanwhile, in Arizona…

The famous Eff-off Sen. Sinema and her eff-off ring

You just cannot make up this stuff: Kyrsten Sinema is set to appear at the (amply be-chinned Mitch) McConnell Center in Kentucky:

AARP polled the Terrible Sand People in the Terrible Sand Kingdom of Arizonastan and while the Terrible Sand People don’t agree on much, it seems like everyone has reached something of a consensus opinion of her:

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5 Responses to Meanwhile, in Arizona…

  1. Richard Portman says:

    Are we just not saying anything and hoping she will go away?


  2. Richard Portman says:

    This person is a liar and a fool. Why should we like her?
    Most people who voted for her were hoping for a moderate politician who could defend the community and have access to the pork barrel from time to time.
    Oh boy, we sent the wrong person. She forgot us.


  3. purplehead says:

    She sure has big horse choppers. Never noticed those before. She smiling extra big for McTurtle?


    • Richard Portman says:

      Yeah, who is her dentist? We didn’t come here to talk about her teeth.
      She sold us out. If you want to know what life is like in a mansion in Phoenix, look no further.


  4. schmice3 says:

    She’ll flip and become a Republican after the midterms.


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