He Seems Nice

GOP’s Policy on Women

John Gibbs —the Trump-backed Michigan candidate for the House of Representatives—  said that men are smarter than women, women are not qualified to govern, and that America has “suffered” since women were granted the right to vote.

As a student at Stanford University in the early 2000s, Gibbs founded a self-described “think tank” called the Society for the Critique of Feminism that argued women did not “posess (sic) the characteristics necessary to govern,” and said men were smarter than women because they are more likely to “think logically about broad and abstract ideas in order to deduce a suitable conclusion, without relying upon emotional reasoning.”
Hosted on Gibbs’ personal page at Stanford in 2000 and 2001, the Society for the Critique of Feminism argued for a patriarchal society run by men, calling it “the best model for the continued success of a society.”

Kinda sounds like dude has an issue with The Skirts, doesn’t it? But that’s OK, he sent out a chick to nuance the hell outta that history:

Anne Marie Schieber, a spokesperson for Gibbs’ campaign told CNN that Gibbs believed women should be allowed to vote and work.

Well, OK then!

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10 Responses to He Seems Nice

  1. Oneofthebobs says:

    That’s the kind of critical thinking that gets you into Stanford, I guess. Must have majored in stupid.

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  2. ali redford says:

    That “without relying upon emotional reasoning” bit seems like at least flirting with psychopathy.

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    • Nah, honestly, it’s bog-standard manspeak tautological assertion.

      Men are rational beings therefore all decisions they make are rational.

      Because men are such rational beings.

      “Elves and Mermaids can’t be black!!!! It’s Science!!!”

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  3. Dave Sloane says:

    Sounds like the “He-man Woman-haters club” from the Our Gang movies.

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    • *FelineMama* says:

      Yup Dave !! That club NEVER went away, Donchaknow !!
      They grew up, bred, got a more modern clubhouse, called themselves republicans, then,………………


  4. Buttermilk Sky says:

    It’s slowly dawning on them that they should have repealed the Nineteenth Amendment (maybe by executive order) BEFORE overturning Roe.

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  5. roket says:

    I hope the skirts spank his ass.


  6. *FelineMama* says:

    Anne Marie, Seriously ????


  7. pagan in repose says:

    The patriarchy is still gasping for the last straws of “male dominance” in a world of instantaneous news and information. Where they can no longer espouse those thoughts and actions and expect no one else will hear or see.

    Like Incels, I suppose.

    Has anyone asked him if he is considers himself to be an Incel?

    Asking for a friend…


  8. MDavis says:

    “… allowed…”?
    Should men be “allowed” to hold office?


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