Area Man As Frantic As A Beagle In a Vacuum Cleaner Factory


Hair Füror was in the warm embrace of Sean Hannity last night, who sweetly wiped away his hot, orange tears of frustration. As the “interview” went on we got some classics of the genre:

And a lone spitball flew across the internet:

But seconds later in that clip, he goes full Captain Queeg (instead of making you listen to him again, here’s the transcript):

“There’s also a lot of speculation, because of the severity of what they did, the severity of the FBI coming and raiding Mar-a-Lago. Were they looking for the Hillary Clinton emails that were deleted, but they are around someplace?”

He added: “They may be saying… They may have thought that it was in there. And a lot of people said the only thing that would give the kind of severity that they showed by actually coming in and raiding with many, many people is the Hillary Clinton deal, the Russia, Russia, Russia stuff, or… I mean there are a number of things. The spying on Trump’s campaign.”

His cheese has totally slipped off his cracker. That was as frantic as a Beagle in a Vacuum cleaner factory.

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7 Responses to Area Man As Frantic As A Beagle In a Vacuum Cleaner Factory

  1. ali redford says:

    The cacaphony of voices that he hears inside his head is just unfathomable. How is he not in a hospital? (For the criminally insane, of course, but still. Holy cow.)

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  2. His voice is shaking, he’s scattered, overlapping, nervous, and audibly desperate, etc., -buddy-boy is visibly scared shitless, it’s great -and a big LOL to Bewitched gif/ lone spitball 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  3. roket says:

    I’m beginning to think all of these classified documents have something to do with his stupid presidential decisions and/or his personal business dealings.


  4. purplehead says:

    His cheese has totally slipped off his cracker [ass].


  5. fry1laurie says:

    Did the FBI search warrant and affidavit include the Clinton (deleted) e-mails? No? Then SHUT THE F*** UP, NITWIT.


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