Meanwhile, Not In Virginia

Friendly fascist Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) is taking his act on the road:

[Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin] is expected to stump for Arizona governor candidate Kari Lake (R) next month, escalating his midterm campaign efforts ahead of a prospective 2024 presidential bid.

Youngkin is embarking on the Arizona trip as part of a broader nationwide campaign tour to bolster Republican candidates for governor. In recent weeks, he has traveled to Nevada — an early state on the 2024 GOP nominating calendar — and to Michigan, where Republicans are looking to unseat Democratic incumbents. Youngkin is headed to Kansas later this week.

The GOP sends Youngkin out because he appears to be a soccer dad and he doesn’t take a dump in your living room and then set the house on fire. But consider this: Youngkin is willing to appear with Republican candidates who will take a dump in your living room and set the house on fire.

And we remind everyone that when you decided you were too pure to vote for a squishy centrist, dare-I-say-corporate Democrat like Terry McAuliffe in the General Election, that is exactly when Republicans take over a blue state and you see that state goose-step straight into fascism. Virginia is not the same place as it was even two years ago, with book bans, School Boards taken over by MAGA (allegedly to prevent CRT from being taught), and abortion bans, and a threat to ban contraception. (And those are just off the top of my head.)

If you see Youngkin going into your state, you should immediately realize that you are next. It is your canary in the coal mine moment.

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8 Responses to Meanwhile, Not In Virginia

  1. Next?? TTSKoA is already there. The last Dem Gov we had was Janet Napolitano whom Obama poached for DHS (thanks, Obama!) leaving us with Jan ‘headless bodies in the desert’ Brewer. It was only 14 years ago, but damned if it doesn’t feel like a goddamned century.

    Doug Il Deuce Ducey is the prototype Glenn Youngkin. He just never managed the leap to full MAGAt, because he had eyes on a Senate seat. (may still for all I know, but the MAGAtariat hate his guts, so he wisely stayed out. The state AG Mark Brnovich tried mightily to clothe himself as a MAGAt, and got creamed by the soulless Thiel puppet. )

    Youngkin isn’t a MAGAt, he’s just the typical opportunistic Republican sociopath.

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    • Mike B. says:

      Obama also took Gov. Kathleen Sebelius from Kansas, which was followed by 8 years of Sam Brownback.

      Democrats helped Kari Lake win the Arizona primary this year (and other far-right candidates in other states). I’ll vote for Democrats, but I won’t blame people who won’t. Democratic leaders figure they just need to be a little more moderate than the GOP, so the farther right the GOP goes, the better for them. And look at the result.

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      • Democrats helped Kari Lake win the Arizona primary this year

        Really? I saw zero evidence of that. This is a media canard that sounds a lot like ‘Algore claims he invented the internet’, honestly.

        Any time a Dem says “This person is fuckuts crazy, don’t fucking vote for them!” and the rabid velociraptor base of the GQP goes and votes for them, it’s being cast (by way too many people ostensibly on the Dem side!) as ‘They helped elect them’. No they didn’t.

        the rabid velociraptor base of the GQP elected them.

        Put the blame squarely where it belongs.


      • ali redford says:

        🌟Yes! And between Sebelius and Brownback we had Mark Parkinson, who’d conveniently switched parties from Repub to Dem to run with Gov. S for her 2d term. Upon reaching the Gov. Mansion, he promptly turned back into one of those moderate Republicans, paving the way for Gov. Brownback, dammit.

        And Tengrain calls it correctly about visits to your state from fascist Republicans. KS is being graced with campaign appearances for AG Schmidt for Gov by Sen. Cruz and former SoS Pompeo, at the least.

        It’s awful here for that race this time, all from the Rep side, and I’m worried about it.


  2. Redhand says:

    I recognize that Interstate sign. “Shock of recognition.”

    Youngkin is yer basic MAGA wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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  3. Mike B. says:

    I put this above but don’t see it. On Kari Lake, they thanked her opponent for her financial support for Democrats. You don’t think that would help Lake?

    On the nationwide strategy, here’s the New Yorker:

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    • At the time, Robson was running ads all over saying Crazy Lake had donated to Obama. And it’s obvious that Sorkin has internalized Murc’s Law fully

      Republicans have been ratfucking Dems for decades, but the moment Dems do something even slightly more aggressive than their standard defensive “don’t hit me” crouch, along with a paean to being republican-lite, the tone police descend.

      Me, I’m with TG, when they go low, we go high, because that’s the best vantage point for a sniper.



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