Because We Love A Good Transition

She may be an old queen, but she gives good head.

Man, my old composition teachers are either rolling with laughter or just spinning in their graves:

As Charles assumes the throne, the future of the monarchy is somewhat unclear: He has reportedly considered “slimming down” the monarchy, as other nations have in recent years — stripping some less prominent members of the royal family of their titles and thus decreasing the tax burden on civilians. But Camilla’s choice of funeral dress indicated no such break with history. She wore a crisp-collared, slightly boxy black dress with a small, smart hat and a brooch on her left shoulder: a silhouette-and-accessory pairing often associated with Elizabeth. (The brooch, according to the British outlet Metro, was Queen Victoria’s, gifted to her on her Diamond Jubilee by her grandchildren.)

(Hat tip: Scissorhead The Charm School Drop-Out)

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  1. *FelineMama* says:

    “Thanks Chuck ! I didn’t know how I was gonna get rid of Him !! Your 1 yr.old Steed will be awaiting you as well as, MY Hand Maiden, Cher.!”

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