Bad Signs, Cont.

Man, that whole “eat for this is my body” thing takes on a whole new meaning.

Hat tip: Scissorhead Moeman

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  1. The comedy stylings of Chuck Auschwitz ladies and gentlemen.

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  2. angryspittle says:

    Chuck Aushwitz? Danny Dachau? Tommy Teresienstadt?

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  3. angryspittle says:

    And I always thought it was kinda fucking sick as a kid to be told “by Jesus” to eat his flesh and drink his blood……..that is some perverted shit……

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    • tengrain says:

      I grew up in the Episcopalian Church, and transubstantiation was a thing in some branches, and it creeped me out.

      Which is why cannibalism cracks me up.



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  4. ali redford says:

    DH wants to know what’s so funny, and I can’t stop laughing to tell him!


  5. Also administered by Holy man high Holy Sir Hilter and the administration and direction of the kitchen by Edward Dahmer.

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  6. purplehead says:

    Pästör Chück Aüschwïtz ïs ä Flörïdä Man. Of course, he is.

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  7. Buttermilk Sky says:

    It was just a town before it was associated with horror. But a sensitive person would change his name.


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