Update on the (ALLEGED/DEFINITELY) Stolen Documents at Merde-a-Lardo

Trump Filing technique at Merde-a-Lardo

We lost our bet that the DOJ was going to go along with the Special Master charade (in the name of expediency), as they have filed an appeal with the 11th Circuit.

The Justice Department has asked a federal appeals court to lift a judge’s order blocking criminal investigators from accessing about 100 documents with national security classification markings recovered from former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago compound last month

In a filing with the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta on Friday night, prosecutors said the government is facing irreparable harm as a result of U.S. District Court Judge Aileen Cannon’s ruling putting the potentially highly sensitive records off-limits to the investigative team until an outside expert conducts a review of them and considers Trump’s objections to their seizure.

The DoJ isn’t trying to completely throw out Cannon’s decisions. What the government wants is for the Eleventh Circuit to exempt the 100+ classified documents. The filing says that Come-On Aileen/ Loose Cannon’s rulings on that count are in error, as “The markings establish on the face of the [classified] documents that they are not [Lord Damp Nut’]’s personal property.” Ipso facto, eenie-meany jelly-beanie, attorney-client privilege does not apply.

So maybe it is not a complete loss in our wager? In our defense, we do note that Special Master Dearie is wasting no time (so we kinda got that right, too, also):

So that’s that.

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7 Responses to Update on the (ALLEGED/DEFINITELY) Stolen Documents at Merde-a-Lardo

  1. Expat says:

    Hmm. Let’s see. TFG was the president of the United States. He was the employee of the United States government so a contractual relationship exists between the People and Donald Trump. A significant number of Americans are lawyers so there exists a contractual relationship between Donald Trump and all US lawyers. The documents in question were generated or used as part of Trump’s job as president and were therefore part of the contractual relationship between Trump and US lawyers (specifically, the documents were part of Trump’s assigned task of keeping said lawyers safe from commies, Mexican rapists and the IRS). Therefore all government documents, secret or otherwise, which Trump saw, read, heard about or touched are covered under Attorney-Client privilege. QED.

    If the documents don’t fit, you must acquit!


  2. annieasksyou says:

    I still can’t figure out why the trump team suggested Dearie. Though Republican, he seems so…sane and legit.


    • tengrain says:

      Well, Dearie was the FISA Judge who got burned by the FBI in the Carter Page investigation (the Dossier thingie); it’s the only thing I can think of.



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      • annieasksyou says:

        So after he finds against trump, they can question his judgment/motivation…

        Note: In my email, all I could read was “Well Dearie…” My first thought: “Is TG calling me Dearie?”😊 Helluva name for a serious person to carry through life, though according to those who know him, he’s a lovely man.

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  3. MDavis says:

    Is Cannon a spy? Why else would she be so weird about processing those documents that should be back in their safe spaces?


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