Meanwhile, in West Virginia

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We warned everyone, and now ironically-named West Virginia Republican Gov. Jim Justice has signed into law the most strict abortion ban yet:

Republican Gov. Jim Justice on Friday signed into law a ban on almost all abortions at all stages of pregnancy, making West Virginia the second state to enact a law prohibiting the procedure since the U.S. Supreme Court’s June ruling overturning its constitutional protection.

The bill will go into effect immediately, except for the criminal penalties, which will go into effect in 90 days, he said. Justice described the legislation on Twitter as “a bill that protects life.”

So what are the terms and conditions, you ask?

The ban has exemptions for medical emergencies and for rape and incest victims until eight weeks of pregnancy for adults and 14 weeks for children. Victims must report their assault to law enforcement 48 hours before the procedure. Minors can report to the police or a doctor, who then must tell police.

Eight weeks. Jeebus.

The bill requires abortions to be performed by a physician at a hospital — a provision that at least two Republican lawmakers have said was intended to shut down abortions at the Women’s Health Center, which has provided the procedure since 1976 and was the state’s sole abortion clinic. Providers who perform illegal abortions can face up to 10 years in prison.

So a probably illegal Bill of Attainder law that is designed to shut-down the one (and only) abortion clinic in West Virginia is going into effect, only raped women can have an abortion and only if they report their rape to Sheriff Bubba Joe Bob. And if the pregnancy turns deadly later? Too bad.

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  1. laura says:

    Men hate woman and a lot of women also hate women. They won’t ever be satisfied no matter how high the body count.
    We should do something about it.

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