Bad Signs, Cont.

I guess Virginia really is for lovers, as Scissorhead Calico Jack reports:

3 MILFs in 4 minutes is a little bit too fast, even for me.

Duck Soup:

Mrs. Teasdale: Notables from every country are gathered here in your honor. This is a gala day for you.

Rufus T. Firefly: Well, a gal a day is enough for me. I don’t think I could handle any more.

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7 Responses to Bad Signs, Cont.

  1. That’s taking ”Wham, bam, thank you ma’am” to a whole new level…

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  2. Mock, Paper, Scissors After Dark?

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  3. Oneofthebobs says:

    Virginia is for misogyny.

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  4. Stony Pillow says:

    The head of the Republican party should step up to the challenge. From what Stormy said, 80 seconds for the first is more than enough time, at least for him. No joy at all for the second and third, so all three are screwed.

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  5. pagan in repose says:

    Does “yellow river” by I. P. Freely, that fine book, fit into this.

    Asking for a friend.

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