BREAKING: CNN (no d’uh)

Breaking CNN!

I have to admit until I saw this tweet from ol’ Thumbhead, I had no idea that CNN had morning programming:

Note to Thumbhead: dude’s name is Chris, not Christ. He only thinks he’s the son of Gawd.

Sure, there are the thousand of hours of Morning Joe everyday, and of course Pravda’s US competition on Fox, Petunia & Pals, but I had no idea that there was a morning show on CNN. Maybe Thumbhead has a point…

Keith Olbermann opines:

I’m uncertain about the paste-eating bit, but learning that Lemon will be joined by these monster talents suggest that this is indeed the media equivalent of sending someone off to Siberia. Not a good look to send one of the very few Black primetime anchors into a gulag, let alone the only Black gay anchor.

So the REAL question is: What does Licht intend to do with the primetime spot now vacated (and considering that the long-time fired Cuomo slot is STILL unfilled). One thing you can be sure of: there’s no way that they are going to move Jim Acosta into that slot. 

What do they have in mind? The very expensive CNN+ refugee Chris Wallace? That would suit their new conservative slant pretty well, but I don’t think that’s where Wallace’s interest lies.

This seems like an absolute shotshow move. CNN primetime looks to be in free-fall.

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1 Response to BREAKING: CNN (no d’uh)

  1. Martin Pollard says:

    CNN is indeed trying to turn itself into the next FQX (a more “respectable” version, perhaps?), but as others have said, why would the MAGA cult want a pale imitation when they can have the jenn-you-eyene article?

    The slow suicide of CNN is going a lot faster than I thought it would.

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