Drowning Man Swims To Sinking Ship

It is unbelievable to me that even Lord Damp Nut would start tapping the Q-spiracy for support, but I suppose he feels Merrick Garland’s breath on his neck? Sure, we’ll go with that (and also that he is likely grifting these credulous rubes).

Trump’s Not Even Pretending to Hide His Support for QAnon Any More

Former President Donald Trump has now shared his most explicit endorsement of the QAnon conspiracy movement to date.

Trump shared a picture of himself wearing a Q lapel pin, overlaid with the QAnon phrases “The Storm is Coming” and “WWG1WGA,” on his Truth Social account on Monday evening. The post was originally shared on Truth Social by an account called “Patriots in Control,” before Trump re-shared it.

In QAnon world, the “storm” is the moment when Trump will reveal his secret plan to dismantle the deep state and the group of elites QAnon followers believe are operating a global child sex trafficking ring. The “storm” will also, they think, trigger Trump’s return to power and the public executions of those who’ve acted against him, from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to current President Joe Biden.

If they really are interested in child sex trafficking they could just talk to Matt Gaetz about it.

The post comes just weeks after the ex-president went on a QAnon-filled posting spree on Truth Social. “It’s almost like Trump is trying to tell us something,” one popular QAnon influencer wrote, referencing Trump’s increasing embrace of the QAnon conspiracy. Trump’s influence is undeniable: As he continues to hint at another run for president in 2024, Trump is using his huge sway within the Republican Party to endorse a slate of candidates for the November midterms who openly support the lie that the 2020 election was rigged.

That’s their platform. That’s all they got.

Some of the members of a QAnon-focused message board claimed that Trump posting this photo just days after the death of Queen Elizabeth II—an incident that QAnon supporters had a lot of thoughts about—was an indication that this time the “storm” really is coming.

But for some QAnon supporters who have believed for a long time, it’s all getting to be too much:

“I hope we are almost there…. I am so tired… and broke,” one wrote on Telegram. On the QAnon message board, another simply wrote: “ I’m exhausted.”

Cough up your paycheck, buddy, Lord Damp Nut needs a new pair of lifts.


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11 Responses to Drowning Man Swims To Sinking Ship

  1. Jimmy T says:

    The TFG is now conjoined with the QAnon insanity. The photo is now available…

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  2. Buttermilk Sky says:

    Maybe it’s a tribute to Qanon-er Igor Lanis, who shot his daughter and killed his wife over the weekend.


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  3. Martin Pollard says:

    “Fat, gullible, and stupid is no way to go through life.”

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  4. ming says:

    He’s just getting his troops in line for some violent fuckery.

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  5. Kent Fossgreen says:

    “It’s almost like Trump is trying to tell us something,”
    And that something would be “Hello suckers!”.

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  6. roket says:

    Needs more adjectives: Insane Drowning Man Swims to Sinking Ship in Desperation.


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