David Brooks Predicts the Decay of Western Civilization, Again

The future looks troubling; on the other hand…

As long as I am asking you to read things written by other people, The Editorial Board has a terrific piece up entitled (boy is it ever), David Brooks and the decay of white Boomer politics. This is an editorial about the changing of the guard, and it is pretty good.

My favorite part:

I risk looking like I care about Brooks. I don’t. I find him useful, though. He can help us see clearly that the old political order, which centered white boomer men like him, is falling beneath a new one, like a tectonic plate grinding overtop another, creating a landscape so new that no one remembers what the old one looked like.

For this reason, we shouldn’t see his inanity as maddening. To the contrary, we should see it as exciting. The greater the inanity, the greater the irrelevance of white boomer politics. The more he struggles to comprehend – the more he refuses to accept new realities – the more the current political order is losing its grip.

Now before the Boomers in the Scissor-verse become triggered, let me assure you that the editorial is talking about White Republican Boomers, of which there are admittedly a lot. It’s a broad brush —as are all editorials about generations— and I will remind everyone that the Greatest Generation went after the first Boomer president (Bill Clinton) as if he was an existential threat. The changing of the guard is always fraught.

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8 Responses to David Brooks Predicts the Decay of Western Civilization, Again

  1. genelms says:

    As a boomer, let me just say the David Brooks does, and always has, made my skin crawl. He is the epitome of white male privilege with a good heavy serving of creepy uncle.

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  2. David Brooks inherited the “BothSides über alles!” mantle from David Broder in a twisted arcane ritual after Broder died. I expect he is preparing the satanic sacrificial altar for Ross ‘Chunky Reese Witherspoon’ Doubthat for the unwilling mantle-transfer upon Brooks’s death.

    ‘No Labels’ is the ideal party for him, because they don’t dare use their real names ‘No Scruples’, ‘No Ideas’, and ‘No Voters’…

    And this is not confined to old white boomers, witness Andrew Yang and “Forward”, which for all the flowery rhetoric, is more of a Firesign Theatre parody of a political party than anything else.


    “No Labels” has been around long enough that it already feels like a creaky old boomer thing next to “Forward”.

    Didn’t they start that with traitor Joe Lieberman?

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  3. roket says:

    The only way the republican party can survive is if they revoke the 19th Amendment because the skirts are pissed and there is no turning back now.

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