Short Fingered Vulgarian’s Short List

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Guys, potential 2024 Goat Rodeo Contender and South Dakota Republican Gubnor Kristi Noem is getting a head start in the ol’ cover-up bidness:

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) — South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem asked a state ethics board to dismiss a complaint against her without a public hearing and to seal off certain records, documents released Friday by the state’s Government Accountability Board show.

They grow up so fast. * sniff * But I interrupted.

The Republican governor, who is widely seen as eyeing a 2024 White House bid, argued in an April motion that the state’s attorney general, a fellow Republican who filed the complaint, was out for political retribution and should be removed from the complaint. Noem had pushed former Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg to resign and later for his impeachment over his involvement in a fatal car crash.

Ooh, so she’s into revenge, too! I think she might be angling to be Hair Füror’s new Mike Pence!

The attorney general’s complaint was sparked by a report from The Associated Press last year that Noem had taken a hands-on role in a state agency. Shortly after the agency moved to deny her daughter, Kassidy Peters, a real estate appraiser license in July of 2020, Noem held a meeting with Peters and key decision-makers in her licensure. Days after the meeting, Peters signed an agreement that gave her another opportunity to meet the licensing requirements.

A favorite daughter? Now this is starting to sound like… DESTINY!

The records released Friday provided some new insight into an inquiry that the Government Accountability Board has conducted mostly in secret for nearly a year. The three retired judges who evaluated the ethics complaint unanimously found last month that there was enough evidence for them to believe that Noem “engaged in misconduct” by committing malfeasance and a conflict of interest.

The board has said “appropriate action” would be taken against Noem, though it didn’t specify the action. It’s also not clear whether Noem will request a contested case hearing before the board to publicly defend herself against the allegations.

Neither her office nor her campaign said Friday whether she will proceed to a public hearing. She has continued to publicly insist that she did nothing wrong.

The records show that Noem, in a 29-page motion to the board, launched a range of arguments for dismissing the complaint. Her attorney, Lisa Prostrollo, mocked Ravnsborg’s allegations as “nonsensical,” a “political attack” and based on “far-fetched conspiracy theories.”

Put Noem on Trump’s short list, I think he’s found The One.

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  1. w3ski4me says:

    Is it in the bylaws or something, that as a Rethuglickin, you have to break any and all laws and act as if you were in the right to do so? Getting tired here of this “I am Innocent” bullshit. Book em Danno

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