Report: Out of Touch Man Asks ‘What Do The Skirts Want, Anyway?’

Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie) email thingie shows us how disconnected from reality Opus Dei’s Chief Justice John Roberts is, he doesn’t understand all the fuss regarding overturning Roe, but he’s pretty sure it is Wee the filthy Peeples fault (formatting is theirs):

THE CHIEF SPEAKS — The Supreme Court will finally reopen oral arguments to the public this fall after closing its doors during the pandemic, Chief Justice JOHN ROBERTS said Friday.

Roberts made the announcement at ajudicial conference in Colorado on Friday night, where he also defended a high court under sustained political assault. “The court has always decided controversial cases and decisions have always been subject to intense criticism, and that is entirely appropriate,” he said, per The Gazette’s Michael Karlik in Colorado Springs. “But I don’t understand the connection between the opinions people disagree with and the legitimacy of the Supreme Court.”

Shorter Roberts: “What do The Skirts want?”

Perhaps VP Kamala Harris can answer:

His comments came as VP KAMALA HARRIS stepped up her criticism of SCOTUS, via an advance excerpt of her “Meet the Press” interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd: “I think this is an activist court … This court took that constitutional right [to abortion] away, and we are suffering as a nation because of it.”

Related: What a weird coinkydink -a new report confirms that half of the 74 amicus briefs filed in favor of overturning Roe vs. Wade, had links to insurrection enthusiast Ginni Thomas wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Honest to Dawg, the whole SCOTUS needs to be re-balanced and these fetus-fondling Gawd Botheres must be given the ol’ cheese sandwich and roadmap treatment.

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9 Responses to Report: Out of Touch Man Asks ‘What Do The Skirts Want, Anyway?’

  1. Ellis Weiner says:

    “Besides,” Roberts might have added. “A legal ruling is an abstract thing. I can understand disagreeing with it intellectually. But what is there to get so upset about?”

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  2. roket says:

    The poor guy thinks he’s a benevolent dictator.

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  3. w3ski4me says:

    “Half the briefs” against Roe were by Ginni Thomas? Jeepus H christ, that woman is a total subversive. And this is all fine with the Justice Department?
    We have fallen so low. Is there any real hope for us if such reactionaries are so well appointed? It seems we have been taken over already, no war needed.

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  4. Jimmy T says:

    Kamala Harris is always being attacked. The latest being about Arabic numerals, you know the ones we’ve always used…

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  5. as it has been said, you can’t get a man to understand something when his paycheck depends on him NOT understanding it.

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