The Quotable Herschel Walker



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  1. If Shrub an Sarah Palin had a love child that they repeatedly dropped on it’s head…

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  2. laura says:

    I can’t move past my distain for a political party so wedded to racism, that they would offer up this manifestly unfit for public service, let along the US Senate. Compare and contrast this damaged man with the excellence that is Rev Rapheal Warnock.

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    • ali redford says:

      Not even to mention that Republicans are actually abusing Mr. Walker by putting him in this position instead of seeing to it that people with TBIs, etc. can get the medical care they need.

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  3. ebonkrieg says:

    HW, MTG, and Bobo are the apex of the republican brain trust.

    Capitalism, the media, evangelicals, and MAGAS have fucked US and the world up.

    MAGAS, evangelicals, and corporatism at this point truly do not understand REAL AMERICANS!

    We despise your MAGA and fake Christian asses and your republican reps are on the wrong side.

    Republicans (liars, cheaters, and thieves) are dinosaurs; let them rot in their own infernal bigotry.

    US will be there for ALL of US no matter what shenanigans any MAGA tries.

    TRUMP was not your savior; he brought out all the hatred, bigotry, and greed republicans have to offer US and they failed to deliver anything but hate, bigotry, and greed!

    The progeny of US are already facing a world of grief.
    I encourage US to remember that republicans have not voted for any legislation that would protect US, our progeny, or the world.

    Do not vote “R”.
    US and “Homie” don’t play that game!

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  4. Angryspittle says:

    Is Herschel the best the Georgia GOP can offer the voters? A seriously damaged, barely literate football player obviously suffering from serious CTE? Just look at the rest of the GOP candidates running for office as well. If these cretins are given power the demise of the nation will not be far off because they do not believe in investing in education, infrastructure, health care, or anything other than shoveling more money to their rich benefactors.

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  5. roket says:

    Name recognition is all GA republicans have to work with.


  6. Richard Portman says:

    That poor man. Why would anyone want him to be a senator. Because he is a negro colored person and hope he can catch some votes? This is disgraceful.
    I don’t know his heart, but i think it is good.
    This is a sorry spectacle.


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