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Grifters Gotta Grift

The big scene in All The President’s Men is when Deep throat tells Woodward and Bernstein to follow the money. It’s apocryphal at best, but it is part of our collective pop culture, and over the years has actual proven to be good advice for investigative journos!

Anyway, we bring this up because ABC News has learned that the Grand Jury in DC wants to know more about all the money that Hair Füror has raised and the PAC(s) that raised it:

Federal grand jury probing Trump PAC’s formation, fundraising efforts: Sources

A federal grand jury investigating the activities leading up the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol and the push by former President Donald Trump and his allies to overturn the result of the 2020 election has expanded its probe to include seeking information about Trump’s leadership PAC, Save America, sources with direct knowledge tell ABC News.

The interest in the fundraising arm came to light as part of grand jury subpoenas seeking documents, records and testimony from potential witnesses, the sources said.

The subpoenas, sent to several individuals in recent weeks, are specifically seeking to understand the timeline of Save America’s formation, the organization’s fundraising activities, and how money is both received and spent by the Trump-aligned PAC.

Trump and his allies have consistently pushed supporters to donate to the PAC, often using false claims about the 2020 election and soliciting donations to rebuke the multiple investigations into the former president, his business dealings, and his actions on Jan. 6.

Of course it is a grift: the twice-impeached LOSER and disgraced ex-prznint STUPID is a grifter.

It seems to me that Hair Füror is raising money (and spending it) in ways that don’t jive with the laws, but I could be missing the point entirely. Any experts out there? Please set us straight in the comments.

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