Nice Headline, CNN

Keep punching!

President Handsome Joe Biden was sugar coating it when he described Hair Füror and his MAGA movement as semi-fascist:

Trump rally highlighting January 6 case of alleged Nazi sympathizer sparks criticism

Criticism? CRITICISM? They are gonna go with CRITICISM?! I’m eff’ing outraged!

…The speaker at Trump’s Pennsylvania rally was Cynthia Hughes, the leader of a support group for January 6 defendants like Timothy Hale-Cusanelli, whose case went viral after the Justice Department released photos of him sporting a distinctive “Hitler mustache.”

Trump’s decision to feature a speaker highlighting such a case, when there are hundreds of other Capitol riot defendants to cite as examples, prompted a pointed response from [Rep. Zoe Lofgren (CA D)], also a member of the House Judiciary Committee: “Being a supporter of Adolf Hitler does put you in the Fascist category; there is no semi about it. I do think this is troubling.”

That Hair Füror has a vast army of irregulars from Possum Hollar willing to attack the Capitol on his demand to overthrow a democratic election —possible the most secure in our nation’s history— to keep him in office is fascism. Everything else is window dressing, CNN.

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  1. As we draw closer to the mid-term elections, I am sure MFFPOTUS flying monkeys will be slinging ever-more-copious amounts of poo. To counteract any hassles:

    Make sure you’re registered to vote. Picture ID, piece of mail addressed to you at your home address. A PO Box will not suffice!
    Vote with an absentee ballot if you can. I have been early-voting since the option became widely available. Added bonus, you can choose to vote in good weather!

    Let’s beat the Republicans at the Polls! I am hoping my very few remaining Republican friends wake up on Wednesday wondering what ran them over!

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