Local Remora Still Suckered On Big Shark

So that’s how he does it?

The 4th Reich’s court eunuch Senatorette Lindsey Graham —still in hiding from testifying in Georgia— managed to kiss some orange tushie on the electronic television device:

Speaking to CNBC Saturday, Graham — a South Carolina Republican and close ally of Trump — said he had advised the former president that he had “no chance” of winning the election in 2020, but added that 2024 was within his reach.

“I’m literally telling you what I tell him,” Graham told CNBC’s Steve Sedgwick at the Ambrosetti Forum in Italy.

“If you lose again, the history about who you are and what you did dramatically changes,” he said. “If you come back, it will be one of the greatest political comebacks in American history. And if you get four more years, you can do big stuff.”

“You know, like overthrowing democracy,” he didn’t add.

Here’s what Trump might say, said Graham.

“Alright, you’ve lived through four years of this. You get a chance to start over,” he said.

“Remember me? I may not be your cup of tea, but when I was president, our border was secure, we had the lowest illegal crossings in 40 years. I did it,” he continued.

“We’ll leave out that part of Stepen Miller stealing children,” he didn’t add, with obvious chills running up and down where his spine should be.

“When I was president, I stood up to China and they listened. When I was president, we had the strongest military since Ronald Regan. When I was president, I destroyed the caliphate. When I was president, we had conservative judges, not liberal judges. He has a story to tell,” said Graham.

“Oh. that dashing Kavanaugh. Is it getting hot in here?,”  Lindsey did not add, fanning his abundant jowls.

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4 Responses to Local Remora Still Suckered On Big Shark

  1. RWW says:

    Screw the ‘four years’ thing. It’s much more likely Miss Lindsey would tell him the fix is really in this time and TFG won’t actually win the vote, but will be installed as President For Life anyway.

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  2. Redhand says:

    WTF is this disgusting, ass-kissing sycophant doing in the Senate? He’s nauseating.

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  3. roket says:

    Senatorette Lindsey Graham is the only Senator (so far) who promotes riots in the streets, so he also has that going for him.


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